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More news!

Discussion in 'Dealership Communications' started by JAW_Stinger, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. JAW_Stinger

    JAW_Stinger United States Member

    Hope everyone has been doing well! It has been a moment since I posted anything but that is because I have had no news, until now. I have 1 of every model coming in on either the 12th or 13th this month available for purchase!

    So that means 1 base, 1 premium, 1 GT, 1 GT1 , and 1 GT2 for clarification!

    Of course all are welcome. I do know that the GT2 has already been purchased lol, but regardless I have some more.
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  2. Kia Stinger

    Kia Stinger United States Administrator Staff Member

    Palm Beach, FL
    Great news! Thank you for letting us know! So it looks like we're getting our Stingers down here in the South. Very cool...
  3. AnyVare

    AnyVare United States Active Member

    Yes, thanks for the update! It's neat to see they're coming in thru Brunswick. Amazing how car distribution works.
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