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low pressure sensor won't go off even though the pressure goes up


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can we delete this thread somehow?;:( i feel like a dumbass for not knowing the warning light would go off after i put air in the tires to the correct cold weather psi that it says on the door.
it's all good.. if it even helps one other person in the future it's fine :)


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Auto shop class should be mandatory in school :) If for nothing more than just basics like tire pressure, oil levels, fundamentals, etc.

In a different lifetime, when I was in HS, the class was an elective and had one girl in it. She was there because the bf was there too, but I suspect she learned a thing or two too.

Our shop was quite well stocked. First two semesters were just basics. The next year a project was to rebuild a small engine (single piston, lawn mower type) down to the smallest part. Running engine was required to pass the course. Fun times!
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yeah i dont know if its my fault for not becoming a better, smarter person growing up, or if i was limited by growing up and going to school in a town with a population of 1500. education wasnt the best, im not the sharpest, no shop class, and i had no mentors growing up. but yeah, i deserve it, damn you social media, you can laugh at me since i didnt understand how a tpms or whatever works, lol. thats why i wanted to delete the thread.
i even read the damn car manual when i got my stinger lol. i didnt do so well on the ACT test and reading comprehension was my worst.
and I'm just joking btw, at least i get to drive a stinger.
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TPMS on these cars is not so bad. Years past they were more expensive to replace. The kia ones use a separate sensor with provisions for accepting a standard valve. In the old days the valve/sensor were one unit. Honda uses indirect tpms - no sensor at all. Loss of pressure is detected by the speed sensor.
My main issue with it is it not having adjustable limits. That and it can become downright inconsolable at times if it thinks your perfectly inflated tires are low it'll constantly nag if you dare operate any of the other dashboard features and inconveintly hiding the tire pressures . Funny part is it doesn't behave this way if I straight up don't have the TPMS sensors on the car like is the case with my winter wheel setup. It just turns the light on and leaves me alone.
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