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Lease number and breakdown for comparison

Discussion in 'How to Buy a Kia Stinger' started by 4wheelpilot, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. 4wheelpilot

    4wheelpilot United States Active Member

    I see a lot of members talk about the monthly lease number that they were quoted or got from a dealer.
    But as each State has it's own specific tax and how the tax is paid, it makes it very difficult to compare.
    I suggest that any member that is looking into a lease and was given real numbers, include all the following info....
    Model and options
    Monthly lease $ (minus tax)
    Length of lease
    mileage per year
    Capitalized cost (including reduction from dealer price and Kia discounts)
    Money out of pocket (if any) to reduce cap cost (and therefore lower monthly payments)
    State where car is/will be registered

    This is what I was quoted (by phone):
    GT2 AWD, (approx. 52,600 sticker)
    610/mo (excluding tax)
    36 months
    zero money out of pocket
    I do not have cap cost
    Pennsylvania (where there is a 9% lease tax paid monthly)

    This would make it a lot easier to compare leases and try to get a better deal.
  2. iclicku

    iclicku United States Stinger Enthusiast

    Federal Way, WA
    This is pretty much in line with all the leases I've seen posted. You're definitely in the ball park for sure.
  3. Sabz

    Sabz United States Active Member

    What’s your lease cash on that? Also the money factor?
  4. 4wheelpilot

    4wheelpilot United States Active Member

    This was a quote I was given over the phone by a Costco Kia dealership.
    It would be helpful to get completed lease deal details from members to use as a comparison so
    I (and other members) can negotiate more effectively with dealer face to face and hopefully save a lot of time.
  5. JVsGT

    JVsGT United States Member

    Fort Worth, Texas
    Visit Edmunds.com and look for the trim you desire. They post no hassle discounts off MSRP for specific VIN vehicles. That's how I acquired $2603 off MSRP before my Lease Cash discount on my GT2 RWD.
  6. 4wheelpilot

    4wheelpilot United States Active Member

    Appreciate that info.
    In addition to Costco and Edmunds, AmEx may still have a buyer service.
    The reason I ask for specific member lease info (nothing personal of course) is because the buyer services use your zip code to locate nearby participating dealerships.
    And often there usually are regional differences in pricing---based on supply/demand, size of dealership, etc.
    Another member may be in an area that has enough of a lower price from a their local dealership that it may make sense to either use that number to negotiate at your local dealership or travel to the out of town dealership to do the deal.
    Hope members will contribute to this thread.
    Thanks again.
  7. sirterriblegamer

    sirterriblegamer United States New Member

    I currently lease a 2015 Kia Optima EX from the same dealership and was looking to lease the base model Stinger. My lease is up July 17, 2018. I had an appointment last evening with the same salesperson I dealt with 3 years ago when I leased the Optima. We discussed options and after about 45 minutes came to the below deal. I was told it was good for that day only, 7/2, but was able to get him to "extend" the deal until 7/5. I wasn't ready to sign as I know I'm missing some connection on the costs breakdown and tried to remember everything we went over.

    I tried my best to recall the details, but I know I'm missing something.

    This is what I was quoted (in person)
    2018 Base w/ AWD, (approx. 35,000 sticker)
    Offers, incentives applied -$8,000
    TrueCar shows $33,247 (checked today)
    400/mo (excluding tax)
    36 months
    Here is where my memory gets fuzzy - I swear he stated something like, $475 up front for first month's payment
    I do not have cap cost
    Pennsylvania (where there is a 9% lease tax paid monthly)

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Dave McNamara

    Dave McNamara United States Newish Member

    This is the deal that I am getting with my Base AWD from my local dealer.

    $1000 down and just $349 a month 10k miles a yr.

    I am a new member so I cannot post the link.
  9. sirterriblegamer

    sirterriblegamer United States New Member

    Can I ask what color? The Base AWD I'm interested in is black/black interior (very nice looking car).

    My current deal stands at $379/mo, no money down - 10k/year. If only I could get this for the Premium AWD. I know it's Kia's entry sport sedan making the money factor and lease deals less than desirable.
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