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Lease help in Southern California please!

Discussion in 'How to Buy a Kia Stinger' started by Upscoops95, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. Upscoops95

    Upscoops95 United States New Member

    hey guys new to this forum but been reading it for a while, dealerships here in Southern California seem really shady or just outright don't know how to sell the stinger they try to slap you with markup and they don't wanna be straight forward, I already asked 2 different ones and they don't seem to be interested in helping , im looking to lease a stinger premium trim with the safety features so msrp is 40k the car has 5700 in lease rebates as far as I'm concerned and true car has a few dealers offering up to $3900 in addition discount from their end , I have a trade in which is makes things tricky, I have about $1800 im negative equity on this car and I know this because I got t appraised multiple times already from when I was shopping around other cars but now that my mind is set on the stinger Kia dealers just seem so shady when it comes to trade ins, I guess my question is what should a monthly payment look like for me ? In my head I should be getting the car for like 32.5k after rebates, discounts and adding my negative equity my tax rate for where I live is 10.5% im aiming for low $400's on th payment and minimal money down credit should be within tier one by next month anybody go to any recommendation on a good dealership in socal that won't play games and will actually give me a good deal ? Thanks guys
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  2. Joseph Spiegel

    Joseph Spiegel United States Stinger Enthusiast Sustaining Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    My advice. First take your car to CarMax and get it evaluated. If that number is a good one, keep it out of the deal. You can always ask for a bid from the dealer, don’t expect it to be better than CM.
    Second, are you a Costco memeber, go online and get them to refer you. I was sent to Elias at Glendale.
    Bottom line I got 9100 off the MSRP of 50150 on my GT2.
    Good luck, if you’re not a Costco member, consider joining.
    There are other buying services like TruCar. I hated it, was bombarded by phone calls seconds after filling in the form. Costco was more adult and civilized. One referral.
    Could I have done better, maybe. Wasn’t worth the angst. Also CM was 5500 above the dealer. So all said and done, I did good.
    I did do lease and will buy out soon.
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  3. DDYES

    DDYES United States Newish Member

    Hey UPSCOOPAS95...

    Hit me up.....

    I’m in sales at a OC Kia dealership ....... I’ll hook you up, got my word ..
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