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Lease buyout in Florida? Need to go through dealer?

Discussion in 'How to Buy a Kia Stinger' started by Bballhog, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. Bballhog

    Bballhog United States Newish Member

    I leased my GT2 about two weeks ago and was going to try a lease buy out like I have read on here. When I go to Kia Finance it’s says I need to contact my dealer for lease buy out information. My dealer did tell me I decide to do buy out to come back to him and he would do it. I’m just worried because I’m not sure what to expect.. Has anyone done lease buyout at the dealer in Florida as of yet? Anything different I need to be aware of? Thanks
  2. Dmchristie1

    Dmchristie1 United States Active Member

    I did the same thing. Just don’t let them recharge you the dealer fees. You can go to any Kia dealer to pay off. I purchased 2 stingers through 2 different dealers(1 lease 1 purchase) I received a payoff quote through both. The dealer I originally leased through was cheaper. So I went with them. They tried to recharge the doc fee then took it back. Overall I saved 7% over the one I purchased outright
  3. Bballhog

    Bballhog United States Newish Member

    Thank you. Going to dealer tomorrow
  4. ajmitchell77

    ajmitchell77 United States Newish Member

    How did it turn out for you Bballhog? Just leased in Indiana and KMF website tells me to contact dealer for buyout.
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