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Kia Stinger Carbon Fiber Style Fender Vents

Dress up your Kia Stinger with these high quality hydro-printed carbon fiber style fender vents – which will set your car apart from every other Stinger on the road. Each order includes a left and right molding that has been hydro-printed with a high quality carbon fiber pattern. Each piece is hydro-printed and then sprayed with a high quality UV resistant automotive clear coat. These are not just cheap overlays…

Buy here: Kia Stinger Carbon Fiber Style Fender Vents - Kia Stinger dot com

kia-stinger-carbon-fiber-style-fendor-vents-3.jpg kia-stinger-carbon-fiber-style-fendor-vents-8.jpg kia-stinger-carbon-fiber-style-fendor-vents-7.jpg kia-stinger-carbon-fiber-style-fendor-vents-6.jpg kia-stinger-carbon-fiber-style-fendor-vents-5.jpg kia-stinger-carbon-fiber-style-fendor-vents-4.jpg