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Dealer Markup KIA AutoSport (Pensacola, FL)

Discussion in 'The Stinger Dealership Experience' started by Navybear70, Feb 12, 2020 at 11:30 AM.

  1. Navybear70

    Navybear70 United States Newish Member

    Mobile, AL
    Even before we arrived, they were talking to us on the phone getting the numbers worked out. They had the car at the front door ready for a test drive when we got there, and our salesman (Neil) owned a Stinger. Needless to say, he was very knowledgeable. ;) He came back with some numbers and it actually felt nostalgic when I realized he was playing the offer/counter-offer game. :rofl: So we dickered, and he went back behind the “green curtain”. Second time was the charm and we signed. For his benefit, Neil tried to get me to save even more money with the lease/buyout option but I’ve never leased, and I won’t do something I haven’t researched first.
    His assistant (Dez) stayed late after closing to show my wife and I everything about the car. It took about an hour because he even set things up for her as he walked her through it. The paperwork guy (Tony) got aggravated with me since it was late and I wanted to read every detail, but he warmed up to humor and we left the dealership feeling good. I would highly recommend this dealership!:thumbup:
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