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Jun evc install question

Discussion in 'Engine, Drivetrain, and Exhaust Discussion' started by Adamdan, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Adamdan

    Adamdan Canada Stinger Enthusiast

    I’m just wonder for you guys with the jun evc how much wiring and vacuum tubing needs to be run and where does it all run too. I don’t want to have to pop open panels in the car to fish wires and have to drill anything. If I decide to sell the car and take it out I don’t want any sign it was installed. Any info would be great.
  2. StingerNYC

    StingerNYC United States Active Member

    Queens, NYC
    I uploaded the .PDF instructions here. I do not have this exhaust but used it to help me install a maintec evc system.
    JunB.L EVC Exhaust – Google Drive

    With the Jun system you will need to run a wire inside the cabin and find somewhere to put the switch. You will have to get creative if you want the switch in a spot that wont be noticeable when removed. With maintec system I have it uses a wireless remote and all the wiring is under the hood/car.
  3. Adamdan

    Adamdan Canada Stinger Enthusiast

    Thanks. How loud is the exhaust with valves open? I’m wondering if I should just go with gt instead if it’s not to loud around town and does not get bad drone.
  4. Joshua

    Joshua United States Member

    Ashburn, VA
    I'm not very mechanically inclined, so I honestly don't know how exactly install the exhaust myself, but the shop I took it to had to drill one hole that I know of in the back right of the engine bay. Couldn't tell you what exactly they drilled into, but I uploaded a picture. Hopefully that helps. Couldn't be happier with the exhaust though!

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