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Issue Number SA341 - Fast Static Gear Shift Logic Improvement

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger TSB Discussion' started by SnazZ, May 14, 2018.

  1. SnazZ

    SnazZ United States New Member

    Note: The title of this post might not match the exact title of the SA. I'll edit afterward as necessary.

    I brought my brand new Stinger back to the dealership late last week to drop it off for a couple things. In mentioning the lift gate rattle TSB, they saw there was another TSB for my Stinger. My invoice shows "customer states ck SA341 fast static gear shift logic", with the line item showing "2.0T Transmission Logic Improvement". Since picking up the car Saturday, I've noticed the transmission seems to hold onto gears a little bit longer in comfort mode (only mode I've tried so far.) Only having bought the car about a week ago and losing 3 days with it, (the dealer had it back that long to fix stuff...) it might just be my imagination. If anyone has any detail on this TSB and what exactly it's for, please share. Thanks!
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