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Interchangeable parts?

Discussion in 'Suspension, Brakes, Wheels, Tires Discussion' started by Rufus, May 15, 2018.

  1. Rufus

    Rufus United States 1000 Posts Club!

    Hello, Stinger hive-mind! I'm curious if there are any forum members in the know who may be able to determine if any suspension/brake hardware used on the Stinger (specifically inquiring about the 2.0, but good to know across the board) is currently shared by other existing H/K platforms? For example, I've not seen any aftermarket brake pads for the Stinger 2.0, but wonder if it shares brake components with the Optima SXL or perhaps even the late Genesis 2.0 coupe? I imagine if it did share those parts that there may already be pads/parts available. So, if anyone has info and/or ideas, let's hear 'em, and thanks! :)
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  2. Rufus

    Rufus United States 1000 Posts Club!

    @Hung tran , do you happen to know if any Stinger brake parts are the same as other Hyundai/Kia parts, like the pads?
  3. Hung tran

    Hung tran United States Active Member

    I do not know.
  4. Waynerm002

    Waynerm002 United States 1000 Posts Club!

    DC Metro Area
    I've looked up info on KIA dealership parts sites on the Stinger but they don't seem to have much info out there yet. The part might be similar to what the Genesis sedan uses. One true way to know is to pull out the pad and get the part number and do a search to see which car it matches up with then you will know what works.
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