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Intake/exhaust and cabin noise and phone calls.

Discussion in 'Engine, Drivetrain, and Exhaust Discussion' started by GTA Jay, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. GTA Jay

    GTA Jay Canada Active Member

    Was debating between the interior section and here for this question, but figured I would get more first hand accounts here. Mods please move if so desired.

    For those who have done intake and or exhaust upgrades, how is the cabin noise as it relates to making phone calls? I do paving sales and am in the car a lot of the day and fielding a ton of phone calls. I want to add some power and exhaust note, but not at the expense of not being able to use the Bluetooth system in the car for phone calls.

    Can you share some of your experiences and thoughts? Thank you.
  2. ZyroXZ2

    ZyroXZ2 United States Active Member

    It all depends on the exhaust, period. Since I also have custom downpipes, there's more growl and less hum to my exhaust note (which actually makes it better for phone calls). Once I'm cruising, there's no drone at all thanks to the Helmholtz resonators. So unless I give it half throttle where the exhaust note resonates (or "drones", per se), I make/take calls all the time without issue. And in daily driving, half throttle on these cars is already in excess of any maneuvers necessary, lol
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