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Insight on racechip and sparkplug

Discussion in 'Community Lounge' started by BlasterJax93, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. BlasterJax93

    BlasterJax93 United States Member

    Jersey shore, NJ
    Hey crowd, I hope I can get some helpful suggestions / answers on this!
    I'm awaiting delivery of the racechip gts black and I am curious to know the best gapping for my new add-on. Currently I only have a new intake set up (k&n typhoon)& I use 93 octane (top tier) Costco gas . I plan on purchasing HKS M45iL and have them gapped at .22 (only because I noticed the Denso's mentioned that) can't find them on the stinger store right now.
    I have read here all about why the gapping is necessary, and I can gap stock plugs but I would rather just update, start new, and add a more beneficial component as well.
    Any insight and suggestions as to what to set them up with will help greatly.
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