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How can I adjust beam height?

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger Lighting - Inside and Out' started by The Aspiring Engineer, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. I've noticed my Kia has the beams pointing so low I cannot see properly with the low beams, how can the headlights be adjusted?
  2. robz32

    robz32 United States Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    If you have the Light bending system you will need to take it the dealer and have them adjust it.
  3. Its a GT2, LED lights I think.
    I guess that yeah, I'll have to go to a dealer
  4. robz32

    robz32 United States Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Correct...Your car is equipped with the light bending system. Take it to a dealer, don't risk it
  5. Mach_Tuck

    Mach_Tuck United States Active Member

    I am in the same boat. There are adjustment "shafts" in the engine bay but there are no adjustments screws at the bottom of said shafts. @Killa200 seemed to think the GT2 had to be adjusted via coding done at the dealer only.

    Total waste of a trip for such a think that should be easily adjusted by the operator. My M3 has has this feather and i can still manually adjust them up/down and left/right. No reason i can think of to make this a "needs to be coded" item.
  6. TomTom26

    TomTom26 Switzerland Member

    Please take a picture of the bottom.
    There must be screws.
    Every KIA is adjustable by a screwdriver...
  7. Mach_Tuck

    Mach_Tuck United States Active Member

    Shaft is too narrow to be able to see anything...at least with any camera i have access to. If you have a GT2 trim, no camera is needed. Put the screwdriver down the shaft for L/R and you will see the screwdriver head pop out the bottom of said shaft.

    There does appear to be a plastic bit at the bottom of the U/D shaft, however, it appears to be a retaining clip or pop rivet and does not move at all. I do know that some Audi also have to be adjusted via programming.

    Ill try to snap a pic of the screwdriver coming out the bottom.

    There is another thread and the 2.0 lights appear to use the shafts and are tunable via the same.
  8. eflyguy

    eflyguy United States Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    The owners manual specifically says to keep the headlights adjusted correctly UNLESS you have auto-leveling, in which case, see your dealer.
  9. Mach_Tuck

    Mach_Tuck United States Active Member

    Yes, it seems that everything in my manual says "see dealer" Even the license plate bulb, because LED, needs to go to dealer. Really? Is the LED unit so advanced that i cannot pop it out and put another in its place?

    I am curious, however, why put the adjustment shaft there is no reason. I get ease of assembly but given all the other stuff they "stole" from the US market, seems funny to have the piece there with no use.
  10. eflyguy

    eflyguy United States Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    To reduce costs, uses the same housing for all models but no manual adjust on the auto-leveling models.
  11. Mach_Tuck

    Mach_Tuck United States Active Member

    Yeah i get that, however, the housing is most likely different since there is no manual adjustment hardware there??

    All well, i will add this to the dealer list once my first free oil change comes around.
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