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No Dealer Markup Horne Kia Gilbert AZ

Discussion in 'The Stinger Dealership Experience' started by DrWhomEver, May 16, 2020.

  1. DrWhomEver

    DrWhomEver United States New Member

    Probably the least stressful and most communication during the car buying process that I have experienced. The sales man was available exactly when my appointment was scheduled and talked me through all of their processes. There was never a time that I felt pressured or that they where playing games.

    They took my keys for about 10 minutes and the returned them to me. I was able to keep the keys until I did the final signing and delivery. While there was a slow down waiting for the finance area, the salesman took me around and introduced me to the service department and parts sales people, something that I have never seen before.

    I did opt for the 100k warranty as my previous car I ran 106k miles on it and was a life saver more than once, besides how many sports cars can you get with such a great warranty.

    Overall it was a great process and was about 3 hours minus the test drive.
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