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HELP! Tire sizing for wheels!

Discussion in 'Suspension, Brakes, Wheels, Tires Discussion' started by Sarona, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Sarona

    Sarona United States Newish Member

    Hi all, I hit a nasty pothole last night and blew out two tires--and bent not one but two wheels. I have a set of aftermarket wheels that I can use for the time being, but want to use the beefiest tire possible. The wheels are 18x8.5 +36. Can someone tell me what the largest tire size possible is that I can fit on? My Stinger is a GT AWD model and I will always be using the stock suspension.

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  2. MerlintheMad

    MerlintheMad United States 2500 Posts Club!

    West Jordan, Y00TAW
    You should not go "beefier" without changing the size of the rims. Manual warns against using different sized wheels/tires than the OEM. Of course, modders want to look lower and cool: they mess with bigger rims and higher aspect ratio (smaller sidewall) tires to get "the look"; and risk even lesser potholes than "yours" doing the same damned thing that happened to you.

    If you go bigger tires on the 18s, you'll mess with the speedo readout and who knows what else. You are courting systemic failure if you throw off the electronic synchronizing by having a larger od tire and wheel combo.

    (I'm so sorry that you did a number on your babe! Words cannot begin to express the sympathy.)
  3. JP's_Stinger

    JP's_Stinger Canada Member

    See, the dealer couldn't even fit the aftermarket 18x8.5 wheels with 35 offset that I bought that supposedly fit on the car...I read that you can go with 235/45/18 and it wouldn't mess too much with the speedometer, but then again, I'm no expert.
  4. TwinSnails

    TwinSnails United States Active Member

    Why not try to pick up a set of stock 18’s?
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