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Had to get the K&N intake to match Borla exhaust

Discussion in 'Engine, Drivetrain, and Exhaust Discussion' started by Bear, May 8, 2018.

  1. Bear

    Bear United States Active Member

    So just got finished installing the K&N intake and it was a fairly straight forward install. I think the only thing I needed the manual for was which size clamps went where. I’m sure I would have been fine with my guesstimates, but didn’t want to jack it up.

    Like others have complained, this is one stock hose and clamp that is just a tad too big for one of the connections on the driver side intake pipe. I’ll just get a better clamp and I’m sure it’ll be fine.

    You can definitely hear it sucking in air around 2k-3k RPM. This goes perfectly with my Borla exhaust since it’s best sound is around this range.

    First video is after the install and driving to 25mph from a stop sign in eco mode.
    Dropbox - Video May 08, 8 45 31 PM.mov

    This video is in sport mode and getting on it a little bit.
    Dropbox - Video May 08, 9 00 56 PM.mov
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  2. Rufus

    Rufus United States Stinger Enthusiast

    Nice combo!
  3. Finally getting mine this Thursday! I'll have the same set up as you.../ Can't wait!!
  4. For your information, SoCal Stinger, California banned loud exhausts. You're probably already aware of this, which is why many places will not ship exhaust parts to California (and it's a misdemeanor to install them), but just in case:

    Law section

    (a) No person shall modify the exhaust system of a motor vehicle in a manner which will amplify or increase the noise emitted by the motor of the vehicle [...]

    Basically, there is a 95 decibel limit. If it's under that, you're unlikely to get a ticket, but, worth pointing out.
    Last edited: May 9, 2018
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  5. I know lol, hell my intake had to be routed to Florida before being sent to LA... So far so good with the exhaust *knocks on wood*
  6. DAM that sounds good. I really can't wait to get the K&N setup. Exhaust I'm still waiting on. I like the sounds so far, but want to hold out a bit. I know the sound I'm looking for is a little more towards the Nissan/Infiniti V6 sound.Plus I know that the actual sound of an exhaust is always different in person than on video.

    Nothing will come close to the aural nirvana that is a 2JZ single turbo at full song, but we can get somewhat close. LOL :thumbup:;)
  7. Bear

    Bear United States Active Member

    So far so good with the wife. She enjoys the sound of the car and doesn’t have any issues with it. She isn’t a car person or ever been into sports cars until we got the Stinger. I figured if she doesn’t think it’s too loud, most won’t either. She absolutely hates my exhaust on the Cobra (basically straight piped).

    The intake sounds great when getting on it moderately between 2-3k RPM. You get some really good spooling that’s very audible inside and out. If you mash it between 2-3k RPM, you won’t hear much spooling because the motor just fires right through that RPM range.
  8. Weareblondi

    Weareblondi United States Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    Very nice.
  9. robz32

    robz32 United States Stinger Enthusiast Staff Member Moderator

    nothing beats the sound of turbos spooling up. :thumbup:
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  10. Mach_Tuck

    Mach_Tuck United States Active Member

    All these damn videos just keep costing me money...borla exhaust and kn intake pending.

    Def sounds great!!!
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  11. Bear

    Bear United States Active Member

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