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GTS vs GT2


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On the fence between a 2019 GTS or 2018/2019 GT2. I love the exclusive Federation Orange color of the GTS but also love the creature comforts of the GT2. For the GTS owners out there do you miss not having the features that come standard with the GT2 package like the multi-way adjustable seat, HUD, rear seat heaters, etc… or do they have a minimal impact on how you enjoy your ride? All comments are welcome.


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Eh, it's all just extra weight. :thumbup:


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I'm sure that "you" do not miss the heated rear seats. :p

My GT1 is probably pretty close to the GTS features: have heated steering wheel: twelve point seat adjustment driver side is enough: you don't miss what you never had: eight point adjustment on passenger side, "I" don't miss twelve point adjustment over there either. Fed Orange is my favorite color to look at in pics: I've seen exactly one out of 131 Stinger "wild" sightings in nearly four years, for about 1.5 seconds as I went through an intersection: the reason why I saw it at all is because it was a head turner even out of my peripheral vision. Hah.


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2019 GTS owner here. I did not want the side bolster adjustment or rear heated seats or front cooled seats. Also did not want all the lane keep assist equipment or adaptive cruise control. Like Merlin said the GTS is close to the 2019 GT1. I got want I wanted. 3.3TT engine, Fed Orange, 15 speaker HK stereo, sunroof, black leather seats and LSD (Limited Slip Differential). The alcantara interior pieces and the exterior carbon fiber pieces were all just bonuses to me. The 2019 GTS also has the Stinger word emblem on the rear. I don't think the other 2019"s in the USA had the emblem. My thoughts but you can't go wrong with any Stinger. My 2 year ownership anniversary is the January 30th.
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They are nice to have absolutely, but not necessary for me. I am not personally willing to pay extra for them. If it was marginal cost then why not.

For reference, I ordered the base model 3.3t with LSD (Limited Slip Differential) (maybe it's called GT there) as the next model up was an extra ~10k for those nice to haves. Not worth it for me but most people seem to buy that model here. We only have two 3.3t models.

Not sure if this is helpful here but hope it is.


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I have a 2019 GT2. I never had so many fancy features (HUD, heated/ventilated seats, heated steering wheel, power adjustable/memory seats, power tailgate, light bending headlights, etc.) before but now that I have them they are nice to have.

I live in a very hot and humid climate many months of the year and I really appreciate the ventilated seats. The 360 camera is great too since the rear view sight lines are so bad.
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