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Great Article !

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger in the News' started by westcoastGT, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. westcoastGT

    westcoastGT 1000 Posts Club!

    Ah, Los Angeles: Where image rules, poolboys drive BMWs, and self-worth can hinge on the car you drive. It’s the kind of brand-conscious city where the Kia Stinger GT could face an uphill battle no matter how quickly it can climb into the surrounding canyons.

    But for enthusiasts who don’t give a damn about the Kia badge on the exterior—or those who are handy with a roll of duct tape—the Stinger GT is looking like the Underdog of the Year. As with various slope-roofed German sedans, the Stinger disguises a hatchback, but not its ambitions, whether in performance- or bargain price: that would be (a still-unofficial) $39,895 for a base Stinger GT, with its 3.3-liter twin-turbo V-6; or $32,795 for the Stinger 2.0T and its 255-hp four with a single, twin-scroll turbo. If some four-legged, sled-dog traction is in order, add $2,200 for AWD on any model.

    The biggest takeaway? Unlike every previous attempt at high-performance from Kia or Hyundai—notably the disappointing Hyundai Genesis Coupe—the Stinger isn’t a mere statistic, with encouraging on-paper specs that you might as well crumple up on the street. Yes, the Hyundai Motor Group has soared in sales and showroom reputation based on value, design, and dramatically improved quality. Continue reading.
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  2. davebo

    davebo United States Active Member

    The article mentioned he was limited to 130mph by "safety rules" but that's just a liability thing they choose not to exceed right? The Stinger doesn't ship with a speed governor or anything?
  3. Chris

    Chris United States Stinger Enthusiast

    It does ship with an electronic limiter but it is set to 167 I believe. In the US I believe this is all related to what tire the car ships with. Z rated tires are 155 or something. W rated tires are 168.
  4. davebo

    davebo United States Active Member

    Yeah it's funky because Z means in excess of 149mph, so after that you get additional letters like a tire that's 280/35ZR19 99Y is Z but beyond that it's Y which is up to 186mph, and like you said W is 168. It never occurred to me the limit was for the tires. I just read the top speed for the Stinger and figured in 15 years of having a Corvette I never broke 150mph so 168 sounds like plenty. I think once I wear through the first set of tires I might drop to regular Z's as replacements.
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