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Good Price on a Certified 19 GT2 AWD with 12,000 Miles?

Discussion in 'How to Buy a Kia Stinger' started by CarBrad, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. CarBrad

    CarBrad United States Member

    What does the forums think a good price on a certified 19 GT with 12,000 miles would be?
  2. Chark

    Chark United States Active Member

    check KBB for what their "good deal" range is
  3. Clipse2141

    Clipse2141 United States Newish Member

    From the few used models posted, it seems better to buy new and stack the leash cash..

    See how much more you save on the used one vs. MSRP - $5k dealer discount - $10k leash cash.
  4. Kodiak

    Kodiak United States Newish Member

    Duluth, Minnesota
    Depending where you live I see a new 2018 for just under 40k to put pressure on them to Lower the price. I agree with most it is not the time to buy used the stock is to low keeping prices inflated. The first batch of 2 year leases are coming due wait for those to hit the market to buy used. Once stock is plentiful prices will settle to a much more reasonable level. Right now as someone pointed out you only save a few grand used right now on a 54k car.
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