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GB: Group Buy

Discussion in 'Tuscani Customs' started by TuscaniCustoms, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. TuscaniCustoms

    TuscaniCustoms Slovenia Member Authorized Vendor

    Hi folks,

    since I added all the Stinger products to my store (what is available at the moment) I decided to make this thread and see what would you people like to buy at a better price.
    Here are some suggestions but we can do a GB on practically any item.

    I was thinking door striker covers Door Striker Cover kia stinger
    Easyled door catch plates Easyled Door Catch Plates kia stinger
    19" wheel caps KDM E 19" Wheel Caps kia stinger
    E front badge KDM E Badge kia stinger
    Stinger lettering Stinger Lettering Badge kia
    M&S ABS rear diffuser https://tuscanicustoms.com/exterior/2496-ms-abs-rear-diffuser-kia-stinger.html
  2. TuscaniCustoms

    TuscaniCustoms Slovenia Member Authorized Vendor

    Anybody interested in anything?
  3. How about the other M&S parts?
  4. TuscaniCustoms

    TuscaniCustoms Slovenia Member Authorized Vendor

    Sure, no problem. It's just that lips and side skirts are expensive to ship so I'm not sure how much people would be interested. If more are ordered we can get better price on parts but shipping is always a killer.
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