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Fix your terrible dealers.

Discussion in 'Open Letters to Kia Motors' started by Tyler Reid, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. Our dealership was just remodeled last year with a very nice lounge with complimentary water, coffee, tea hot chocolate etc..tile floors..it's a nice place now.
  2. JustThatPenguin

    JustThatPenguin United States Active Member

    The dealership I went to was just remodeled too. Glass building. Looked very fancy. Almost luxury dealership. And they had the stinger, cadenza and an SUV in the showroom. I think they had a little area for coffee and such. The sales lady and manager were so friendly and inviting. And never even tried to pressure me or try to upsell me. Even explained all the paperwork so well I didn't have a single question at the end of it. In and out in less than 30min.

    My local dealership however, looked like an old k mart. And their offices were also so run down. The "managers desk" was the front reception desk. And even though I was 2 feet away. He was too good to even talk to me directly. Just sat in his chair and said out loud. "If he wants a test drive, tell him to put a $5k deposit down." "Tell him it's not easy to get a car in and out of the showroom." By the way, it took 2 hours to even get to this point because my salesman was too busy trying to sell sub prime loans with base model cars. Guess he didn't think I seemed like the type of person to buy a $50k + car. I guess the blank check from my credit union I had must of been a fake.
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  3. My dealer had my yellow one on the floor and he had a few GT2's out on the lot. I said I wanted to test drive the yellow one and no questions asked, they got the keys to it and the optima they had to move and pulled it off the floor for me. Didn't even ask if I would mind taking one of the ones off the lot. From some stories, I feel blessed to have the dealer we have here.
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  4. Weareblondi

    Weareblondi United States Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    i know some of these points have been addressed by other forum members, but, when a greek gives you two cents worth of opinion, that is a whole dollars worth. it sounded better in my head....anyway, i have purchased different level cars through a myriad of dealers over the years. all salesmen are salesmen. i don't think the majority of salespeople understand car people. we know what we want, how much it will cost, and won't settle for anything less. we had purchased a juke nismo rs when they were introduced several years ago. mrs wanted black. there was 1 black juke nismo rs in south florida and all the dealers we went to all quoted as saying that they had it. so, we pitched them against each other, since we also knew there was only 1 in south florida. we still laugh about that deal. but, when the mrs and i were looking for a replacement for her mustang, she wanted another mustang. we test drove a california special that was basically a shelby without the name all over it. optioned out the wazoo. price was good, but the mrs was hesitant because the car was loud. a good loud, but it was loud. salesman automatically tried to get her into an ecoboost. she drove it around, she liked it. we went back and forth about it. saleman borrowed the mrs phone and proceeded to take something like 30 pics of her in the car. telling her she looked good, blah blah blah. we said thank you, we will have to think about it. 45 minuted later, after having his mgr and the mgr above that mgr talk to us, cajole us, asking us what we wanted to spend, i hit him with a price 8 grand cheaper than what was listed. he said he couldn't do that, but, what if we financed it. gave him a monthly price that was pretty much half what he said originally. he didn't blink, said he would work the numbers. said he would be right back. we waited. and waited, and then left. with the kia, we told the guy this is what we were offering, and we bought it. blam! just like that. i don't care about free wifi, soy latte free range coffee beans picked by swedish virgins in bikinis.....no wait, i am interested in that. anyway, all that extra dealership stuff is useless to me. here's my car, fix it, wash it, show me the receipts and the parts, then i can go home. as for loaner cars, i have been offered loaners, which were crap, but most time they just rent me a car from the local rental agency if the car is going to stay overnight or longer. but, they all offer a courtesy shuttle ride from the dealership and a pick up when the car is ready, within reason of course. wow, that was alot for two cents worth of opinion.
  5. Totally with you on this one. Just a nice clean dealership is good enough for me. Spend the extra savings on great techs who know what they are doing and get me in and out with reliable repairs, oil changes, etc and I'm good. I get a free cup of coffee?? Bonus.

    Besides, I make better coffee at home anyway and they won't serve Crown Black and Coke so I don't want to be here any longer than necessary. :cool:
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018 at 12:10 PM
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