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Empty Half Size Front Plate Mount - Let's Make Use Of It

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger Exterior Discussion' started by Yujiza, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Yujiza

    Yujiza Canada Newish Member

    Hey everyone,

    I live in a province that doesn't require me to have my license plate on the front, awesome!...

    Of course I overlooked this when I bought my Stinger in a province that requires your vehicle to have a front license plate. Now I'm stuck with this plate mounting bracket found in the image below.


    I don't want to remove it and have exposed screw holes. I was thinking of putting some kind of mini license plate with custom text while maintaining roughly the same dimensions (or very close) of that mounting bracket.

    When I was Google searching for ideas, I came across this photo.


    I'm stumped, and need your help! I can't find a website to recreate something like this, and I can't quite figure out the keyword to search for to get me better results. I don't want a full size vanity plate on the front, I'd prefer to keep a low profile like the image above.

    Thanks ahead of time if you have a look!


    I was in the designing mood and sized the plate mounting bracket (11.5 inches x 3 inches). I made a quick sticker like template. It's a little rough around the edges—I probably should make more space between the "LTD" letters. Let me know what you guys think. Should I rotate the "LTD" instead?

    Last edited: Mar 15, 2019
  2. Yujiza

    Yujiza Canada Newish Member

    I'm updating this post with what I've come up with.

    I couldn't find a place to make custom mini-half sized vanity plates. I decided to scratch that idea, and go with a bumper sticker route.

    After doing some research, I eventually came across a site called Sticker Mule. Conveniently they have the exact size I require (3" x 11.5"). They are fair with their pricing, plus I don't have to order hundreds of them. When I signed up to their site, I got $10 off my order. It will be $20 for 10 stickers with a custom template I personally created.

    I think I'll go with "STNGR LTD". I'll post pictures when it's on the vehicle!

    Last edited: Mar 20, 2019 at 2:45 AM
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  3. Wilzer

    Wilzer United States Member

    St Pete Beach, Florida
    I've been told that cops like to use the front plate as a target for their radar :)
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  4. ShannonC

    ShannonC Australia Stinger Enthusiast

    Just remove it and put some color matched plugs in the screw holes. Will only look like you have a few extra sensors.
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  5. StingerGT68

    StingerGT68 Stinger Enthusiast

    Yeahhh...I think just remove it. Either get plugs or go the full bumper re-paint route.
  6. Ruturaj

    Ruturaj United States Stinger Enthusiast

    Raleigh, NC
    I am planning to get a silver plate with black "Stinger" text on it or reverse.
  7. MerlintheMad

    MerlintheMad United States 5000 Posts Club!

    West Jordan, Y00TAW
    I was relieved to find out that my car didn't have the bracket. The starter pits for the drill bit are annoying enough! You can't really see them from c. five, six feet away; and that has always been my criteria for not letting something cosmetically flawed bug me. However, I do know those little divots are there, and in some slanted, strong sunlight I can actually see them. I have toyed with the idea of getting them "cosmetically removed", aka repainted. But my PPF always returns the same answer: No, live with it. :p:rolleyes:
  8. Yujiza

    Yujiza Canada Newish Member

    Ha, I laughed. Thankfully I mostly cruise just under the demerit point speed limit ;)

    I was thinking of doing both what you mentioned. I will admit I like the idea of them looking like just some extra sensors lol. If I try the bumper sticker route and I hate it, I'll probably default to this idea.

    When I looked into repaint route, I didn't dig too deep into it. I dunno where I'll be in the next years or so—I may move into a province that requires the license on the front anyway. I guess I can't be too picky.

    I know this will sound ridiculous, but I did take my Stinger for a mini road trip up further north west into Quebec to see distant family. On one passing city, and the one I arrived to; I visited each of the dealers. I made the excuse I was just comparing the paint colors making sure I really like the one I chose. I also found out I could have saved an extra $500 but he didn't have any with red interior.

    The first location only had one on their lot, the other had two. Two of them had the little divots, and one had the same I have.

    I still haven't received the bumper stickers yet. When I do, I'll be sure to post pictures here. Plus you get to tell me if it's super cringy otherwise!

    Thanks for all the post guys! :)
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