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Dynamic Bending Light Failure

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger Lighting - Inside and Out' started by StingerT303, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Tonight I (remote) started the Stinger from across the parking lot, got in it and re-started as is required. Once everything was up and running, I noticed an amber colored light on the dashboard that I had to look up and identified as the Dynamic Bending Light icon.

    I turned the car on/off, turned the lights on/off etc and the icon remained.

    Driving home I noticed that the headlights no longer shifted towards the direction I was turning and in fact were pointing a little bit to the left.

    It is very cold in Colorado right now, but I would be surprised and disappointed if temperature caused this issue. Anyone else had this problem? Any thoughts?

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  2. Berzerker

    Berzerker United States Active Member

    I don't think temperature should affect the DBLs, but what is "very cold?" They worked fine for me in 20F weather.

    However, from the manual:

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  3. mldavis2

    mldavis2 United States Stinger Enthusiast

    I think I saw a tech bulletin about an update to the computer for the moving headlights. Check with your dealer about that. Don't have the number handy....
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  4. PA_RN

    PA_RN United States Member

    I’ve had no issues in my car with the dynamic bending and I’ve had some really cold 3am starts in below 0 weather. I had a full headlight assembly failure which turned out to be a simple loose wire that got free a couple days into ownership. Dealership figured it must’ve not been fully secured from factory so it could be an easy fix.
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  5. CDNguy

    CDNguy Canada Member

    Correct, # 170134 2018 Stinger (CK) ICU Headlamp Operation Logic Improvement
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  6. Nice. Thank you for that headlight update!!!

    I took the car into the dealer today and of course on the way there the failure light disappeared...
  7. CDNguy

    CDNguy Canada Member

    No prob and it will be fixed either way. I'm now at a Kia in Ontario as of late and all the units sold had the updates done (trunk one too) before the person was delivered the car.
  8. TB48

    TB48 United States New Member

    I have had that failure light also. Went in and they did the software update, a week later light on again, went in and Kia replaced left side light assy., a week and a half later light came back on. I took it in and the were real busy, sent me home and come back in a week. When I got back home I tried turning car on and of a couple of times, and than the light went off never to come back on. Kia said they can't fix something that they can't reproduce, so I am waiting for it to come back on. There is no memory for this issue in the ecm. Oh well.
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