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Driver Side Floor Creaking Noise Right Around The Gas Pedal


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As the title states, I hear a creaking noise from the floor around the gas pedal. It's from pressure from my heal with I brake or press the gas pedal. It can easily be recreated by pushing the floor around the gas pedal area. It's very annoying, as this is something that occurs ALL THE TIME since your foot is planted there while driving. I am hoping there are others out there that have or even better "had" this issue and got it fixed by a dealer or did a fix themselves.

I was able to find a youtube video of another guy who has this exact issue and recorded it perfectly. Anyways, hope someone out there can help. Thanks!!

Link to Video


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Of all the extraneous noises afflicted Stinger owners have shared, that has to be the most annoying and obvious. Most videos record nothing but car operating noise, to my ears. This one, silent but for the squeaks, is undeniably a bad fitment issue, probably "fresh" from the production line. Heh!?

As pushing down on the carpet causes the noise, it seems logical to weight that area. An OE all-weather (rubber) floor mat could knock this back. The constant weight of the floor mat might even press the carpet down over time and virtually eliminate it. Also, with the car running and you NOT bouncing your foot in time to the music, but rather keeping your heel in one spot, the "opportunity" for making this noise would be reduced to practically nil. If there is a way to get under the carpet and insert a thin foam pad around the area, that, too, might be a fix. It almost looks like the insulating material under the carpet is missing, since you can push the carpet down like that.


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I have this exact same issue on my 2019 Stinger. I'm going to bring it to the dealership to see what they can do. I also hear the squeak when I put pressure down on the foot rest / dead pedal.
Has anyone actually figured out a way to resolve this or had the dealership address it?