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Ceramic Pro Treatment - Details by Frank

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger Detailing Discussion' started by Falaris, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Falaris

    Falaris United States Member Sustaining Member +

    TL;DR - Great detailing experience, car looks awesome with a Ceramic Pro treatment!

    Long ramble:

    So I brought my car into DetailsbyFrank to talk about a Ceramic Pro treatment for my 2 month old Micro Blue Beast. Frank let me know the disaster that the dealer caused in prepping my car for delivery. I guess it is very common but it was quite a surprise to me when he pointed out the problems.

    After a discussion of my options I went with a 2 year Ceramic Pro Bronze package and a two stage paint correction to repair the issues before applying the protection. This car is a lease and I was really wanting something to keep it looking new while I have it. When I eventually purchase a Stinger, hopefully with all the missing features (thanks Kia), I will be going back to Frank for a lifetime Ceramic Pro package.

    For anyone in the Fredericksburg VA area interested in quality detailing work at a fair price really should check out DetailsbyFrank. His pride shows in both the quality of his work as well as the cleanliness of his shop. He is a certified Ceramic Pro application specialist with years of experience.

    On my first visit He thoroughly discussed all my options and made sure I was comfortable with my decision. Having never purchased a ceramic coating solution before I was a bit hesitant due to the cost but Frank explained what I was receiving and why it was important. I made a choice I felt good about, dropped my car off on Friday, and nervously awaited it's completion on Monday.

    I will take some more pictures when I can find a sunny day but, for now, here is the before and after video of the paint correction and some pics of the final on his Facebook page.

    Paint Correction before and after.
    Final Awesomeness!

    Thanks to DetailsbyFrank, my car looks better than ever!

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  2. Good morning Mr. Falaris,

    I first would like to thank you for your GREAT review and kind words on our shop and work.

    It was our pleasure working with you and getting your beautiful ride looking better than new.

    I am more than confidant you will be very pleased with our Ceramic Pro coating line protecting your vehicle for the next two years and the best part about it is, you will never need to wax it or put a sealant on the vehicle during this time frame!!! The ease of cleaning, shine and protection is second to none for sure also.

    If anyone located in Virginia might be looking for a coating for their vehicle, boat or home then, look no further. Ceramic Pro won the product of the year award this year (2018) at SEMA and we are the only certified Ceramic Pro installer in the greater Fredericksburg, VA area. We have over 22 years of experience in the detailing industry and we will gladly give you a demo and more information if you come by our office for an estimate.

    Facebook Business page: Log In or Sign Up to View
    Website: detailsbyfrank.com
    Phone: 540-841-7090
    Email: detailsbyfrank@gmail.com
    Address: 3713 Lafayette Blvd Fredericksburg, VA 22408

    Mr. Falaris, thank you once again.

    Please enjoy your new vehicle and let us know if we could be of service to you at anytime.


    Frank Brown-Owner

    Attached Files:

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  3. Kamauxx

    Kamauxx United States Active Member

    How about some pics for those of us that are too cool for FB?
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  4. Falaris

    Falaris United States Member Sustaining Member +

    I will get some more hopefully this afternoon. Here is the one from his facebook page.

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  5. Rufus

    Rufus United States Stinger Enthusiast

    Glassy and Glassy! :):thumbup:
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  6. B Sharp

    B Sharp United States Member

    Thanks for posting the pictures-before and after looks to be a significant difference. Can you or Frank add some detail on how to instruct a dealer to "not prep" a car for those that are still on the fence or waiting for a future Stinger?

    Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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  7. Falaris

    Falaris United States Member Sustaining Member +

    Hopefully @Details By Frank- LLC can chime in but I know when my lease runs out I am going to work VERY closely with the dealer and get a new car right as it is taken off the truck. Leave the plastic protection on it and let me drive it to Frank so he can put the Ceramic Pro protection on it right away and save the 2 step correction time and money.

    I do not know, having never done it, but good discussion with the dealer's GM rather than just the salesman would be a good place to start. Fully explaining the issue and why the concerns would be the most important point to get across. Of course no GM would think their dealer prep guys would mess a car up but I plan to at least send the report to my dealer showing them what they are doing to new cars on initial pickup.

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  8. Kazz

    Kazz United States Stinger Enthusiast

    @Details By Frank- LLC : I'm curious how you recommend your customers care for their vehicles' finish after this type of treatment. Thanks!
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  9. StingerGT68

    StingerGT68 United States Active Member

    Would you mind letting us know how much you paid?
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  10. derek0609

    derek0609 United States Member

    Looks great! I cannot wait to tackle my car this spring, doing a full decon, polish and ceramic coating myself!
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  11. TV3

    TV3 United States Newish Member

    what's the 411 on ceramic coating? are there any drawbacks to them? %This is the first I've heard of them.
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  12. Falaris

    Falaris United States Member Sustaining Member +

    Every car is different and requires a different amount of work/time/product. If @Details By Frank- LLC wants to quote his general pricing he can.

    I will say for the two stage correction and the Bronze Ceramic Pro 2 yr warranty package I paid more than $800 but less than $1200. The 5 yr and lifetime warranty packages are higher.

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  13. Falaris

    Falaris United States Member Sustaining Member +

    There is too much information to cover in a quick response. There are a whole lot of posts, videos, and sub-reddits out there to read. There are drawbacks, mostly the cost, but they all agree the benefits outweigh the negatives.

    Google : Are ceramic coatings worth it? - Google Search

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  14. i so want to do this but dont know if i have he cash to drop on this right now. i need to get the hood fixed cause i got chips on the way home from the dealer :(
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  15. stingeradmr

    stingeradmr United States Newish Member

    I was told by 2 guys that do this that there is one drawback. They said that scratches in the paint can be polished out buy not scratches in ceramic coatings
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  16. Falaris

    Falaris United States Member Sustaining Member +

    More pics as mentioned:

    This was taken in a parking lot today so not the best of picture taking locations. But what does stand out is the reflections. Check out the clouds on the hood and the spots in the pavement reflected in side of the car. Truly does not do it justice but gives you a decent idea of the finish.

    thumbnail_20180313_162748.jpg thumbnail_20180313_162819.jpg thumbnail_20180313_162915.jpg thumbnail_20180313_162853.jpg

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  17. TV3

    TV3 United States Newish Member

    thnks evrt
    Thanks everyone. I was more talking about those spray bottle deals like those for sale on eBay
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  18. Sorry for the delay in responding as I have been really busy.

    Dealer Prep:
    The absolute best thing to do in my eyes is pick a vehicle you are wanting or ordering. Make it very well known to the dealer that you do not want the dealership to do anything to the vehicle once off the truck. No taking the shipping stickers, tape or protection off the vehicle at all. Let them know you have a place that will be taking care of the vehicle and if they are to remove anything requested not to be removed that they will be held 100% responsible in fixing/ replacing the damage. Have them drop the vehicle off at your choice of location instead of the dealership lot. Also remember you always pay the "shipping" to the dealership and the cost for that will/ should cover being delivered to the detailing center of your choice or home. DO NOT LET THEM TALK YOU OUT OF THIS! A true detailer will know exactly how to "unpack" your vehicle and get it prepped properly for you upon your pick up.

    Maintenance of the coated vehicle:
    I offer maintenance washing to all my customers. If they want to do it themselves that is fine but, they have to make changes from their normal routines of cleaning and drying. I can setup a cleaning kit for them that has the proper tools and chemicals in maintaining the coating but prefer to do the maintenance for them as it is hard for some to stop their old bad habits of improper washing and or drying of the vehicle. Coatings are a different beast than waxes and sealants and proper care is key in keeping them working correctly.

    With the vast majority of "coatings" on the market you will find many different levels of pricing out there with them. Our Ceramic Pro coating line is NOT offered to just anyone. You must first go through training and a certain amount of installations of the products well before they certify a shop. Ceramic Pro is considered a professional level coating and is thicker than the consumer level coatings being sold on the market making it a tad bit more expensive and harder for installation. It is very hard to compare ANY coating on the market to Ceramic Pro. I have tested many of the coatings on the market and can tell you from experience that none have the longevity, gloss retention and or protection like Ceramic Pro. I'm certified for three other coating companies and rarely sell the others due to what I have listed. I truly offer only the best with my business. We have packages that start off around $295 for our 1 year warrantied package and go up from there. Paint corrections play a big factor in pricing also. Not to mention that having the cleanest and clearest substrate possible before coating a vehicle is a MUST! We require an evaluation of the vehicle well before giving out pricing for our coating line.

    Downside to coatings:
    Whomever told you scathes cannot be removed from a coating is not educated enough to sell them let a lone install them. Coatings can and do take on scratches, spider webbing, marring and the like. And most of that is due to improper washing and drying of the coating. NO coating on the market is bulletproof but, you can fix them if you have the knowledge of them and how they work. I have taken scratches off the paint before and also after doing a coating installation. It is not all that hard to accomplish but is time consuming. A very big downside to coatings is the major lack of education of them. Most coatings geared towards consumers are cheap and that is for a reason. It is priced to entice you into an impulse buy. Which is not bad but, once the consumer gets the deal and coating in hand they are not properly educated on how to properly install the coatings. Which is when high spots and improper installations hurt these consumers because they have to finally pay the professional to fix these issues which is costly and time consuming once again.

    If you need more information on Ceramic Pro please have a look here on my website (https://detailsbyfrank.com/) On the home page, at the very bottom I have a video listed that explains it all very well. You can also go to this link ( https://detailsbyfrank.com/3/Ceramic-Pro/) and get more information on the products we have and sell. Just remember that Ceramic Pro is not only for your vehicles. We have commercial, industrial, residential and marine applications also.

    If you have more questions feel free to ask. I will try to answer them for you. If you'd like to get an estimate for coating your vehicle then, give me a call or come on by our shop and we will get you taken care of and on the schedule so you can rest easy knowing your special vehicle is looking new at all times and is protected by the best coating on the market!
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