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Canadians, where do you buy your rims from?

Discussion in 'Canada Stinger Forum' started by Clearly Canadian, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. Clearly Canadian

    Clearly Canadian Canada Stinger Enthusiast

    Edmonton Canada
    Canadians, where do you buy your rims from? Thinking of switching out the Kia rims but sticking with the staggered setup. However, seems like most places don’t sell the same rims for both sizes we would need for the Stinger? (19”) Even tirerack.com doesn’t have a matching set!

    I am already aware of the Fastwheels FC-04 but looking for something different.
  2. Origins

    Origins Canada Member

    Calgary, AB
    I usually get my aftermarket wheels online, as most shops don't sell a staggered set up as you mentioned. Some great wheels around the forums can be purchased at: vertini wheels, 305 forged wheels, and ark performance to name a few. There are select shops around town that can help order them in but there is always a mark up if they are not an authorized dealer. Best way to order online is to get in touch with the company and have an associate assist with the size, offset, centerbore...etc to ensure it fits your car, I wouldn't do the old 'add to cart' option unless you know exactly what you are looking for. Check out Aftermarket Wheels for some inspiration and advice from other forum members as well. Cheers and good luck!
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  3. Check out Tires23 in Mississauga, I like those guys there.
  4. YOWStinger

    YOWStinger Canada Active Member

    Ottawa, ON
    I'm highly considering ordering from GetYourWheels.com, $100 flat rate shipping, good prices and selecting 20" staggered rims and matching tires is dead simple.
  5. GTA Jay

    GTA Jay Canada Active Member

    Carmen at Premier Tire in Vaughan is probably the best guy in the GTA to deal with when it comes to rims/tires.
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