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Canadian BI-Modal Exhaust

Discussion in 'Open Letters to Kia Motors' started by Jonathan Lasich, May 14, 2018.

  1. Jonathan Lasich

    Jonathan Lasich Canada Active Member

    Any chance Kia Canada will offer the bi-modal exhaust option as a retro-fit, similar to what the Australians have?

    I just took delivery of an Aurora Black/Red Nappa Leather Limited last Friday and I absolutely LOVE the car!!! Job well done Kia!!

    A bi-modal exhaust either integrated into the drive modes or controlled by switch (Star switch on the middle console maybe) would be a very welcome addition!!
  2. MicroBlue

    MicroBlue United States Active Member

    Indianapolis, IN
    Jun BL has an EVC exhaust that isn’t crazy expensive. I think most of the vendors carry the Jun products.
  3. Jonathan Lasich

    Jonathan Lasich Canada Active Member

    Yes, I've seen that, Microblue, but I was looking for a valved exhaust that would integrate into the car's software.

    The increased HP with the Jun exhaust is, however, appealing!!
  4. The Machine

    The Machine Canada New Member

    They now offer an aftermarket exhaust at the dealer ship. Paul coffee Kia in Bolton Ontario. 2grand
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