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Canadian Accessory List

Discussion in 'Dealership Communications' started by TheRealPinky, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. TheRealPinky

    TheRealPinky Canada Member

    Ontario Canada
    List is current as of December 6th 2017.

    Some accessories not yet priced (Prices Listed are M.S.R.P.),

    Prices do not include taxes or labour

    All Weather Mats 2018+ J5131ADE00AW (blank)
    Cargo Organizer 2018+ 99997Organizer $ 116.95
    Cargo Tray 2018+ J5122ADE00 (blank)
    Floor Mat 2018+ PJ5F14AC000 (blank)
    iPod Cable 2018+ P862000100 $ 39.19
    Touch Up Paint Pens: All models (XX= Colour Code) 2018+ CA000AY5014XX $ 13.68
    Trunk Rear Bumper Protector 2018+ 99997TRUNKPRO $ 65.55
    USB Charger (KIA) 2018+ A7H60AK000CA $ 9.99
    Wheel Locks 2018+ 9999611001 $ 46.03
    Ash cup 2018+ 2TH78AP0009P $ 36.07
    Premium Block Heater Kit 2018+ 000AM481009 (blank)
    WarmUp System 2018+ 000AM472010 $ 512.80
    Door Handle Pocket Protection Film 2018+ AMH48AK100 $ 14.99
    Kia Sunshade (Black) 2018+ 99997SUNSHADEBLK $ 19.40
    Kia Sunshade (Red) 2018+ 99997SUNSHADERED $ 19.40
    Car Vent Phone Holder 2018+ AMH77AP000 $ 20.00
    Business Suit Hanger 2018+ 66770ADE00 $ 92.63
    Rear Bumper Protection Film - Clear 2018+ J5272ADE00TR (blank)
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  2. MackyGio

    MackyGio Canada Active Member

    For the Door Handle Pocket Protection Film 2018+ AMH48AK100 does that come with 4 piece set or is it per piece? Do you know how much it would cost for installation? I dont mind driving all the way to scarborough if it's a good price
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