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burgertuning.com shipping

Discussion in 'Vendor Reviews' started by Josh bourgeois, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Josh bourgeois

    Josh bourgeois United States New Member

    ordered some products on the 29 and it shows it will be delivered on the 31. Not to bad in my book since its going from CA to LA.
    One issue though..... I was unaware that the shippe were going to request signature required on delivery. As i will not be home in time to sign, i will have to pick up from a fedex location. My exceptions was to come home to nice new toy on the 31st but i guess it will have to wait will the 1st. All in all not a huge issue but it would have been nice to know when ordering.
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  2. falanger

    falanger United States Member

    There's a form on FedEx's website that you can fill out and leave at the door that waives the signature requirement. It's the signature release form, I think. Beats having to go in to pick up the package.
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