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Audio System Fade Setting Not Saving

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger Technology Discussion' started by Never thought, Dec 29, 2017.

Are you having to set your audio system fade each time you start your Stinger?

  1. Yes, mine reverts back to the original setting from when I bought the Stinger.

  2. No, mine saves exactly where I have it set.

  3. I never changed my setting to begin with.

  1. Berzerker

    Berzerker United States Active Member

  2. Is this only happening on the 15 speaker HK setup? I have the 9 speaker and haven't had this problem yet.
  3. RandallK

    RandallK United States Active Member

    I have the 9 speaker and it happens all the time for me..

  4. SteveCo

    SteveCo Canada Active Member

    Had it happen for the first time a couple nights ago - was going to show off the sound on a nice FLAC recording to a friend, and it was immediately apparent that all the sound was coming from the rear. Went to the balance/fade option and sure enough the 'sweet spot' on the graphic was in the middle, right at the back of the car. This is on the HK15.
  5. CDv6

    CDv6 United States Active Member


    Send them a link to this forum.
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