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Audio System Fade Setting Not Saving

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger Technology Discussion' started by Never thought, Dec 29, 2017.

Are you having to set your audio system fade each time you start your Stinger?

  1. Yes, mine reverts back to the original setting from when I bought the Stinger.

  2. No, mine saves exactly where I have it set.

  3. I never changed my setting to begin with.

  1. Berzerker

    Berzerker United States Active Member

  2. Ucinn

    Ucinn United States Stinger Enthusiast

    Is this only happening on the 15 speaker HK setup? I have the 9 speaker and haven't had this problem yet.
  3. RandallK

    RandallK United States Active Member

    St. Louis Missouri
    I have the 9 speaker and it happens all the time for me..

  4. SteveCo

    SteveCo Canada Stinger Enthusiast

    Calgary, AB
    Had it happen for the first time a couple nights ago - was going to show off the sound on a nice FLAC recording to a friend, and it was immediately apparent that all the sound was coming from the rear. Went to the balance/fade option and sure enough the 'sweet spot' on the graphic was in the middle, right at the back of the car. This is on the HK15.
  5. CDv6

    CDv6 United States Active Member


    Send them a link to this forum.
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  6. Alan Renfro

    Alan Renfro United Kingdom Newish Member

    Well I’ve had my GT Limited now for just over a week and have had to reset the speakers to center 3 times already. I thought my wife was doing it....lol now I have to apologize for getting upset with her. Kia needs to get these little bugs fixed.
  7. jdogonroad

    jdogonroad United States Member

    Savannah, GA
    Just finished two seven hundred trips in a week, yesterday. While cruising down the interstate, some songs would play at the volume set, then next song would be a whisper. Tried it sitting at rest stops while in park, same thing. Other than reverse, it seems to happen every few minutes, even in the middle of a song. Will be going in for first oil change shortly, will bring it up and demo to service manager.
  8. 4WDlifeform

    4WDlifeform United States Member

    Been noticing that sometimes after adjusting the sound position to be centered, it is resetting to a location somewhere toward the rear after restart. Any one experiencing this issue? Is there a way to clear or make a new default? It doesn't seem to reset all the time either, only sometimes, which makes it very odd.

    By sound position, this is the menu item I am discussing:

  9. Mhol

    Mhol United States Member

    New Jersey
    I have that issue sometimes. Play around with the settings. I think it us under sound settings and priority. It still defaults sometimes. Changing the settings helps.
  10. Never thought

    Never thought United States Stinger Enthusiast

    There is a very long thread I started in this. It’s a known issue.
  11. Dmchristie1

    Dmchristie1 United States Member

    Mine was centered on the back seat this afternoon, discovered it 1/2 way home. Seems to shift randomly. . . could be ghosts in the machine. The back seats are nice so they could be getting comfortable. Going to shift to yacht rock channel to see if I can convince the spirits to go elsewhere or at least leave the settings alone.
  12. 4WDlifeform

    4WDlifeform United States Member

    Thank you Mods for merging my thread here, some how missed this in my search... keyword is "audio fade" , not "sound position". Regardless, look forward to Kia's response to the issue.
  13. niko

    niko United States Active Member

    chino hills,ca
    they are working on it, a software update should fix this soon!!
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  14. Marc Collins

    Marc Collins Canada Stinger Enthusiast

    Toronto, ON
    Says who? And which of the other long list of bugs and poor design choices will be fixed at the same time (assuming this is official)?
  15. AV8R

    AV8R Australia 2500 Posts Club! Staff Member Authorized Vendor Moderator

    When we all purchased this car we did not expect to have issues but name one car that does not have issues! You have to understand there is a process of evaluation that has to occur before changes are made and when they are made it takes more time to bring them to fruition. So if an update is stated to be done it could take up to 12 months to happen. That’s straight from the Kia mechanics mouth. Don’t expect instantaneous fixes as you will be disappointed which I can see you clearly are. I too would like quicker and better answers but we all have the option of selling the car and buying something else is so if you want to keep it why not try and have a more positive outlook and a little bit more patience. They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.:)
  16. Marc Collins

    Marc Collins Canada Stinger Enthusiast

    Toronto, ON
    I'm only interested in news about the next update...if it is now official. We'll worry about the next update once we know what is in this one and when it is coming.

    Don't need advice about what to think or how to feel, but thanks for caring ;) .

    P. S., Car companies can release updates very quickly if they choose, or are pressured. There is no arbitrary time schedule nor do they have to behave now the way they did previously.
  17. AV8R

    AV8R Australia 2500 Posts Club! Staff Member Authorized Vendor Moderator

    My post was not directed at you specifically, I’m just tired of seeing pessimistic view points from members which is not what this forum is for.
  18. Marc Collins

    Marc Collins Canada Stinger Enthusiast

    Toronto, ON
    Where is the description of what it is for? I thought it was to share information about and experiences with the Stinger? It's preposterous to think that will be only positive in every case for every person.

    I have learned a ton from this forum and it has saved me a huge amount of confusion and frustration and taught me about great features of the car I didn't even know about when I bought it (like the independent rear HVAC). But it has also confirmed many flaws with the car, be they engineering, design or, mostly, marketing selections that prevent us from accessing parts or features that are already available for the car, just not in our market.

    You said earlier the grass is always greener... Perhaps you expect too much. The Stinger is only a car...only a consumer product. It is by definition a compromise of quality and features versus price. Some of us have downgraded to the Stinger; others are getting their first premium or near-premium vehicle in their lives. I would expect a full range of responses to the various compromises that make up this vehicle.
  19. midlife crazy

    midlife crazy Canada Member

    I received the new SD card with updates to maps and the system. (Kia America customer service sent it to me for free)
    Sadly, the problem has not gone away.
  20. Gentracker

    Gentracker United States Member

    I'm probably jinxing myself but here's what I did last week that seems to have fixed the issue. Before this, I experienced a rearward fade at least once a day.

    In the priority menu, I unchecked the setting for limiting start up volume. This means the volume will be at its last setting, so, if you were blasting when you cut power it will be blasting at that level when the car is restarted.

    I don't know if the issue is resolved for good or if this is just a coincidence, but again, it hasn't faded to the rear (or side) in over a week now. Fingers crossed!
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