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37.0 mpg for 2.5T AWD on Highway Trip.


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Seeing 27-28 highway with the 3.3 , around 21 mixed city/highway [which means upper teens city]. I always turn off the stop/start when I get in, so the 1 MPG that might afford me isn't reflected in that number.

I'd like to see a LONG roadtrip that consumes a full tank of gas, returning over the same roadway (to account for any elevation and wind change/loss in either direction), at the same speeds. 37MPG isn't realistic for the 2.5L , the 31.5 MPG result is closer to reality. None of the car computers do a good job estimating on only 3-4 gallons of fuel. They need a healthy sample size to be at least ballpark close.
That will be the best way to measure the real world fuel consumption. While it's really rare to drive that far for the sake of finding the consumption. The full tank of fuel for the usual route will do for most. I do reset my accumulated drive after every refuel. Keep an eye on my consumption. I usually get between 24-29 MPG for my 3.3 which is very good even though my daily commute is around 75% highway.
Now I'm planning to visit a friend in 2 weeks time and he happen to be around 350 miles away from my place so I will be doing that round trip calculation. I'm not yet to decide the date but it should be early October and staying for few days there then back.


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Last refuel, car indicated ~360 miles to empty. Previous fillups have been 400+. Doing the math, mpg comes out near what the car's computer shows for since refueling, ~26 mpg. But the DTE suggests I didn't get a full tank of gas and the mpg is actually lower (more city driving this time). Next time I refuel, I'll stop it before I think it's full then manually squeeze at a much slower rate until it clicks off. Also, after only 60 miles of driving (mostly hwy too), it shows ~1/8 tank used.


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I've left my trip2 meter untouched for a long time, so that's been my gauge for overall fuel consumption rate if I don't intentionally get out paper/pen and calculate it later. The 22.2 is mixed city/highway, not a lot of highway since no recent trips in those 2300 miles. I believe the 23.2 is lifetime, being higher because I had some longer highway trips early into ownership of the car.

Again, this is just posted here for reference comparing 3.3TT results to the 2.5T .



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My 3.3L showed 32.2 yesterday after a drive from c. 4,500 feet to over 10,000 feet (Uinta mountains), and back: a little over an hour each way. Frankly, I'm disbelieving.
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My 2.5T gets almost 23 mixed. I must really be letting it eat compared to you guys lol
I've been doing a lot of long highway trips for work. So for 3300 miles since new, I'm at a lifetime average of 27.4 mpg. It's not unusual for it to be in the mid 20's for city and fun driving though.
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