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22 stinger back up camera issue

Welppp this sucks. I know the back up camera issue is something others have been having but I haven’t seen any posts about this is 2022. I have a 2022 stinger GT line AWD and today for the first time (car less than 2 months old, 1.3k miles) the back up camera shows that green screen and says no signal. Does anyone have a fix for this?

I know I have a warranty and I will take it to the dealership but does anyone have any new info on this? How can this shit still be happening after 2 years of these issues being known lol


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This may sound flippant, but have you tried wrapping your knuckles on the rear hatch, or slamming it shut a few times to see if it is a loose connection?


Newish Member
Not sure if you're still having this issue but I had this happen after a 2 hr drive. Just opened and shut the hatch a few times and it went away so it is probably a loose connection.
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