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2.0T 30K Miles Maintenance

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger How To's and Do It Yourself' started by scy, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. scy

    scy United States Member

    I decided to do some maintenance on my 2018 2.0T at 30K miles today.

    Spark Plugs:
    • Manual calls for spark plugs replacement at 42K miles for normal service and "more frequently" for "severe usage conditions."
    • OEM plugs are NGK IR SILZKZR8H 9G; Gapped between .034-.036 inch.
    • I bought OEM plugs from the dealer because of reports of counterfeit plugs from online sellers. Part number 1885709085. Dealer OEM spark plugs came pre-gapped.
    • Torque to 14.5-21.7 lb/ft.
    Transmission Fluid:
    • Manual doesn't specify ATF change interval for "normal" service. Manual also says to replace ATF at 60K miles for "severe usage conditions."
    • Kia OEM fluid is SP-IV-RR. Part number UM014CH065. Or Hyundai SP-IV-RR with part number 0023219052.
    • I decided to do a drain and fill with Valvoline Maxlife Multi-Vehicle ATF. 1 gallon part number is 773775. Valvoline's website says that this fluid is compatible with SP-IV-RR. US_Val_ML_ATF_EN.pdf - DocuSign CLM
    • Various Genesis forums posts say that Maxlife should be okay for use with this transmission.
    • I drained the ATF cold and 3.5 quart out of 9.71 quart came out. Make sure you open the fill plug before draining the fluid. I stripped the head of the fill plug and had to replace it. The fill-plug bolt and washer are part numbers 452354E000 and 4532339000. Torque to 16.6-18.1 lb/ft.
    • I couldn't find part numbers for the drain plug or drain plug washer. It's the middle plug "A" in the picture below. Torque drain plug to 16.6-18.1 lb/ft.
    Differential Fluid:
    • Manual says to only "inspect" non-LSD (Limited Slip Differential) differential fluid under normal service. Severe service calls for non-LSD (Limited Slip Differential) fluid replacement at 72K miles.
    • OEM differential fluid is GL-5 75W/85. Part number UM090CH036. Capacity is 1.27 quart.
    • I used Redline 75W/85 GL-5.
    • Exactly 1.27 quart was drained from the differential. The fill and drain plugs are 24mm in size.
    • I replaced the differential drain plug and washer. Part numbers 5307039000 and 5307239000. Torque to 36.1-50.1 lb/ft.

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  2. Jalum64

    Jalum64 United States Newish Member

    Orlando, FL
    Awesome. I was hoping someone would do this. Granted, I've only got 800 miles on my 2.0, but this will come in handy in the next couple of years.
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