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2.0 LED Upgrade

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger Lighting - Inside and Out' started by Will K, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Will K

    Will K United States New Member

    Hi All,

    First post here with a 2.0 white on black stinger.
    I’m looking to upgrade the stock halogen to led but can’t figure out how to remove the fender cover.
    I removed the top clip but can’t seem to remove the bottom 2. (Picture is attached)
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


    Will K

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  2. MerlintheMad

    MerlintheMad United States 5000 Posts Club!

    West Jordan, Y00TAW
    Hi and welcome (delayed, since you only announced your presence now).

    My only "help" is to say, involve the dealership. They'll order the right parts and do the entire thing under warranty. I'm BIG on warranty since I bought my first-ever brand new car. :thumbup:
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  3. Chyoon

    Chyoon United States Active Member

    Would they do an "upgrade" under warranty though? There is no manufacturer defect involved.
  4. MerlintheMad

    MerlintheMad United States 5000 Posts Club!

    West Jordan, Y00TAW
    I didn't mean they'd replace Halogen with LED for free; they'd just make sure the parts are under warranty and warranty the work that they do.
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  5. eflyguy

    eflyguy United States 1000 Posts Club! Staff Member Moderator

    Georgia, USA
    Have you checked your wiring harness for compatibility? Are you sure a base model will be able to operate LED units?

    The LED headlights have a features including physical movement of the lenses in two axis requiring direct control from the ECU. They're not just 2-wire bulbs like the halogens.
  6. nhcowboy28

    nhcowboy28 United States Stinger Enthusiast

    Alpharetta, GA
    I get the sneaky suspicion that the OP is just wanting to swap led bulbs into his OEM non led housing.

    To get the actual LED assemblies is like $2k.

    And no, it wouldn’t be paid/warranties by the dealer.

    And efly is probably right about the connectors too.
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