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  1. Paul @ K8 Stinger Store

    [VENDOR][FS]: Kia Stinger K8SS Canbus Control Module - K8 Stinger Store

    Is excited to FINALLY present to the Stinger forums: The Kia Stinger K8SS Canbus Control Module (BUY NOW) Description: Features: Installation: Due to the complexity of the install, we have created a dedicated CCM Knowledge Base complete with all the documentation you will need for the...
  2. J

    Remote start

    I am new to this site. Great to see all the great info. I was wondering if anyone was able to add remote start to their USA GT2?
  3. Luminary

    Remote Start Cost in the US

    So I was just quoted $900+ for the Remote Start from the dealer. Apparently, the Remote Start for the Stinger is $200 more then it is for other KIA's, +$300(ish) for labor. I think I paid $450. for my Optima about 4 months after I bought it new. That was including labor. WTH? Why such a HUGE...
  4. I

    Remote Start!

    So just got the car back from install.. Nobody at Kia could really tell me much about the remote start, except that they thought it was a separate fob, which was disappointing. I took a pic of the second fob next to the smart key. The great news is that remote start can be activated through the...
  5. Vmann KIA

    New to the club. Where can I get remote start?

    Where can I get a remote start for my new Stinger. Outside the dealer, after market?