1. A

    JB4 vs Racechip - 3.3tt

    Hello guys, I'm here today to give you the low down on the differences between the JB4 and Racechip piggy back tune options. TL : DR is at the bottom. Racechip: I purchased the GTS version, which is the highest available version for the 3.3tt engine. Their price point is 450$ and an additional...
  2. A

    For Sale 3.3tt RaceChip piggyback tune

    WTS RaceChip GTS Black for KIA Stinger 3.3tt used but in like new condition, comes with bluetooth app. 400$ OBO, will pay shipping and produce any photos requested as well as my suggestion for where you should mount it.
  3. E

    Sold RaceChip GTS 3.3T

    Selling my RaceChip GTS for the 3.3T. It should be delivered to me tomorrow, Thursday 6/6 by UPS, and I will take pictures then. I purchased the JB4 instead so no need for the GTS. $220 shipped to the lower 48 via FedEx. PayPal only. Add 3% to cover the fees.
  4. R

    RaceChip Installation Video

    For better product experience, we recently made an installation video:
  5. Paul @ K8 Stinger Store

    [VENDOR][FS]: Kia Stinger RaceChip XLR Throttle Response Controller - K8 Stinger Store

    Is excited to present to the Stinger forums: The Kia Stinger RaceChip XLR Throttle Response Controller (BUY NOW) Description: The newly developed RaceChip XLR is designed to increase responsiveness on the road. Their innovative throttle tuning system lets you tune your engine’s reactions to...
  6. C

    just some help!

    do i need oil catch cans for the gt2 and jb4 tuner? do i need 1 or 2 oil catch cans? denso spark plugs or hks spark plugs? do i need to buy a chip to go with the jb4 tuner? which chip to buy? i did a muffler delete and purchased the jb4 tuner/bluetooth
  7. Kia Stinger

    RaceChip Installation Issue - What's Going On Here?!

    Hey RaceChip owners! I have somebody with an issue where they've only got two connectors - A and B - but the installation instructions have three A, B and C. What's the deal? Does he have the wrong set of instructions or is his RaceChip missing a connector? Any assistance would be greatly...
  8. J

    Dyno runs stock, jb4, keen deaign, jun bl

    2018 Kia Stinger on the dyno Stock 311/356 JunBL Exhaust 321/380 Keendesign Chip 366/428 Burger Motorsports JB1 367/433 WHP/WTQ Keen Chip w/ Stock exhaust 363/426 This guy has once again done us all a solid for helping advance this platform,and here he is giving us nunbers now...
  9. R

    For Sale RaceChip GTS Black w/App Control

    Hey guys, so as some of you know I picked up a RaceChip GTS Black w/App Control and tested it in my vehicle. Chip was amazing while it lasted but I ended up getting spark plug issues which have caused me to remove the chip from my vehicle. My issues could be due to the fact I only have 91...
  10. R

    RaceChip tuning for Kia Stinger 2.0T

    Good news, we are already busy developing a performance upgrade for the 2.0 engine. Is anybody interested in testing the product in the US? Please send me a PM.
  11. Kia Stinger

    RaceChip Installation Guide

    Please see the following PDF for the RaceChip installation guide: https://stingerforum.org/racechip-installation-guide.pdf
  12. Kia Stinger

    RaceChip unleashes true potential of the Kia Stinger GT (and future GTR)

    RaceChip is about to jump on board as an Authorized Vendor and here's what's going on over there... Emotional, sportive, aggressive – this is how the Kia Stinger GT presents itself. The media is thrilled, but RaceChip wonders: Is that already everything? Or is there even more potential in this...