kia stinger store


  1. Luminary

    KDM Meet + Food at Charred Foods from 8pm-10pm FRIDAY 1/17/20

    13047 Worldgate Dr in Herndon, VA We will have Beer Specials, and a Burger Special + Special Side! $20 Deal for all Members of the group (Burger/Sandwich+side+2 beers) you can also BYOB($5) (we stock local beers and a few generics) Parking will be coordinated onsite! If the weather is bad, we...
  2. Luminary

    DMV KDM Club: Come And Enjoy A Fun Evening with the KDM DMV Family - November 8th at 7:00 PM

    Come join us in Herndon on Friday November 8th at 7:00 PM at Charred Foods! Good food and great cars!! All are welcome to join. :) Tagging a few of us locals! @BertBert2019GT @SnazZ @Andres @NoVAGT2 @17th_Letter @Bear @funesto @GRich @Rakker @Solo GT @StingerNick
  3. TuscaniCustoms

    Stinger KDM OEM E badges+others

    Hello forum members :) I would like to introduce oem KDM E badges for Stinger made by hyundai mobis (hyundai and kia is same corporation). Everything is available in my store. If you need something you can't find just let me know. What does E mean? Engineered by Excellence Exclusive...