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  1. Paul @ K8 Stinger Store

    [VENDOR][FS]: Kia Stinger K8SS Canbus Control Module - K8 Stinger Store

    Is excited to FINALLY present to the Stinger forums: The Kia Stinger K8SS Canbus Control Module (BUY NOW) Description: Features: Installation: Due to the complexity of the install, we have created a dedicated CCM Knowledge Base complete with all the documentation you will need for the...
  2. basysmith

    Kia Stinger OBD2 Arduino Car Hacking

    I'm about to start hacking my car. I was wondering if anyone else has started a similar project? We might be able to share experiences? :) I haven't started yet but I'm going to sniff the can bus for specific things like driving mode selections, RPM, Speed and possibly tapping into the cameras...