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Kia Stinger vs Alfa Romeo Giulia

The Kia Stinger evolved directly from the South Korean automaker’s GT concept car debuting back in 2011. Unlike most production vehicles, the Stinger has stayed true to its concept – with a wonderfully sculpted design, fastback proportions and a comfortable, roomy interior. The engine is powerful and the drive is spirited. According to most automotive experts around the globe, the design team at Kia Motors did a superb job rolling out the perfect car to take on its European rivals. With refined power and a fine balance between design and comfort, the Stinger has an imposing presence and stands out from the crowd. The interior marries a combination of classic and contemporary styling, realizing the evolution of Gran Turismo and bringing it to the doors of more frugal buyers.

On the other hand, Alfa Romeo used to be the epitome of speed and style in the past. It won the first ever F1 Grand Prix in 1950. These Italian cars used to be drop dead gorgeous. However, things have gone downhill gradually. While there were several false dawns since the turn of the millennium, Alfa Romeo never managed to recapture the hearts of automobile enthusiasts the way it did in the past. However, the FCA owned company is starting things afresh – and the Giulia, being a power pumping sports sedan, is its best try in a long time…