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Kia Stinger vs BMW 6 Series

With the Stinger, Kia has improved its focus on the overall performance of its product. The aggressively styled sedan is a step forward for the South Korean carmaker as it takes on the likes of BMW, Audi and Mercedes. The Stinger shares its some of its dimensions with the Kia Optima – but is positioned above the latter due to its greater power, suspension and a more sleek and modern design – thanks to the Gregory Guillaume and Peter Schreyer.

It has a wonderfully sculpted design, fastback proportions and comfortable, luxurious, roomy interior. The engine is powerful and the drive is spirited. According to most of the automotive experts across the globe, the design team of Kia Motors has done a superb job in rolling out the perfect car to take on its European rivals. Striking a perfect balance between power and refinement, Kia’s engineers have done an exceptional job in taking on the likes of the high-end Germany automobile companies. The result of this is a finely tuned Stinger with a perfect blend of comfort, aggressive styling and impressive power.

The BMW 6 Series is available in various body styles including coupe, cabriolet and grand coupe. However, we will consider the 640i GT or the Gran Coupe, which is luxurious, large – and not a sports coupe despite being a sports car. In the last two model years, little has changed for the BMW. But how does it shine when pitched against a threatening rival that is punching far above its weight? Continue reading Kia Stinger vs BMW 6 Series