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Does changing the KIA badges make you Satan’s favorite relative?

Over the past year or so, I’ve been watching a lot of stupid people on Facebook criticize those who change the KIA badges. They think they’re really smart and try to bait you into their childish argument by simply asking first, “What’s wrong with the Kia logo?”. Then you kindly speak your mind and fall into their trap of shame and belittlement…

Some people think you’re evil and stupid for changing the badge on your Stinger. Well, to each his/her own. Don’t forget that people who serve in the military don’t like the “killed in action” connotation – and the simple fact that some people simply don’t like the look of the logo.
I agree with these thoughts and feelings on the logo. Times change, people change, and designs change. Look at how many times the Cadillac logo design has changed over many decades. They constantly improve their company logo designs to adapt to the times – and people’s preferences.

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Never Go Full Canard?

Never go full “Canard”. Who the hell thought up that name for this Stinger part?! They should probably be fed through a wood chipper – slowly – on  Monday morning – before having had a cup of coffee. Seriously. Canard?

The definition of canard is: “an unfounded rumor or story” – or – “a small winglike projection attached to an aircraft forward of the main wing to provide extra stability or control, sometimes replacing the tail” – okay, well, I guess that sorta, kinda might make a little sense – in another dimension.

Anyway… Okay. The title of this post is a little misleading – but I thought it sounded funny. The truth is – these “canards” are actually look sexy on the Stinger. I mean, take a look-sie…

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Stinger Named Segment Winner in JD Power 2018 Automotive Performance, Executive and Layout

kia stinger gt in red

Following the launch of the 2018 Rio and highly anticipated 2018 Stinger, Kia Motors America (KMA) has earned two more J.D. Power Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) awards for its stylish subcompact and its powerful fastback sports sedan.  The double win helped increase Kia’s overall score by eight points since last year, while also securing the brand’s spot among the top 10 non-premium nameplates. The announcement follows Kia Motors being named the highest ranked mass market brand in J.D. Power Initial Quality Study for the fourth consecutive year1, with the Rio also capturing a win in the small car segment.

“Whether it be a practical commuter car for people just looking to get from point A to B, or a sports sedan with up to 365-horsepower for enthusiasts, we design every Kia with the customer in mind,” said Orth Hedrick, vice president, product planning, KMA.  “Earning a J.D. Power APEAL award for both the Rio and Stinger demonstrates the level of dedication we put on delivering a superior combination of the desirable features and attributes today’s savvy car buyers want from their vehicles.”

Completely redesigned for the 2018 model year, the Rio outshined the competition in the small car segment, being one of the only contenders to score the highest marks in overall performance and design, comfort, features, and style. The highest performing vehicle in Kia’s history, Stinger bested its more expensive European counterparts in the compact premium car segment.

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Kia Stinger vs Infiniti Q50

The Stinger is Kia Motors’ most bold and ambitious product ever. It’s positioned above the Optima due to its greater power, suspension and sleek, modern design – compliments of Peter Schreyer. It’s also loaded with the latest driver aid technologies like automated braking, lane keep assist, head up display and adaptive cruise control. For audiophiles, you can get a 15 speaker Harman Kardon stereo system as well!

The Infiniti Q50 is designed artfully with a muscular body. However, its performance doesn’t quite match it’s aggressive exterior. Having said that, the Q50 has almost the same features as the Stinger with adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking and a loaded infotainment system.

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Kia Stinger vs Audi A5/S5 Sportback

The fact that Kia decided to take on the largely established luxury sedan segment with the Stinger speaks volumes about the Korean carmaker’s ambitions. What’s more, it largely succeeds in doing this as the Stinger offers almost everything available in its German rivals and at a relatively cheaper price. Kia has come a long way in the past few years, especially shedding its image of making stylish hatchbacks and SUVs that lacked the performance figures to go head to head against its rivals. With the Stinger, Kia has improved its focus on the overall performance of its product and yet maintains its design’s unique selling proposition.

Meanwhile, the Audi A5 Sportback is very much like the A4 sedan but with a fastback roofline, a big boost in performance and some minor interior/exterior tweaks.

So does the Kia Stinger manage to hold its own against the A5 and S5 Sportbacks from Audi? Let’s have a look…