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Up to 57 additional horsepower upgrade with ECU tuning

There’s more in your car than you think. Simple. Tested. Safe.


*NOTE*: This tune comes with the RaceChip App for iOS and Android. Information here.

Welcome to a different league.

Discover a whole new driving experience.

  • Up to 57 more power
  • Up to 133 lb-ft more torque
  • Superb mid-range punch
  • Stronger accelleration

ACTUALLY! We’ve seen up to 63 additional horsepower as outlined HERE. But… Anyway…

More power, greater torque, superb mid-range punch, stronger acceleration and quicker responses: you’ll love the new characteristics RaceChip ECU tuning will give your car.

Access your car’s power reserves. RaceChip ECU tuning doesn’t simply turn everything to the max – it optimizes intelligently within your engine’s design limits.

Your engine has power in reserve.

Unlock its full potential with RaceChip.

Why do models produced by the same manufacturer with same engine size and number of cylinders have different power outputs? Because often the only difference between more powerful engines today is the motor management electronics. The hardware is the same – it’s the software that makes difference.

RaceChip’s electronic tuning works according to the same principle.

It means we can make the most of the power reserves in your engine and help you to enjoy the performance of a more powerful car at a fraction of the price you’d pay otherwise.

Even if your car has a powerful engine as stock, the engineers will still have built in reserves to allow for climatic conditions and fuel grades around the world. Engine optimization by RaceChip can tap into these reserves to give you a new, exciting driving experience in your own car.

With a performance upgrade from RaceChip, cars often develop more power than the next model up in the range, at a fraction of the cost.

  • ECU tuning improves power output primarily by electronically optimizing the fuel injection system.
  • Forced induction on gasoline engines can be by means of supercharger or turbocharger.

Plug & Perform

This is performance enhancement today.

Today’s engines are controlled electronically using software. RaceChip’s plug-in devices access this software via specially developed mini-computers which are as advanced and sophisticated as state-of-the-art OEM systems fitted by leading manufacturers.

This is the only way that RaceChip’s optimization software can register, optimize and relay the sheer number of parameters involved and maintain the high product quality we are committed to.

Our customers are often amazed by how user-friendly our high-tech products are, though. The technology is sophisticated but the installation is quick and easy. And the driving experience? It’s fantastic.

Progress through high-tech.

RaceChip is the market leader.

  • 100,000 modules sold per year
  • Available in 135 countries
  • Available for 3,000 models
  • 1 unique driving experience
  • 2,000 dealers worldwide
  • 0 compromises

Our highly specialized engineers devote themselves to the complex process of developing processor-controlled tuning boxers. That’s why we are the experts in electronic performance enhancement regardless of manufacturer. Our quality standards are as high as any OEM supplier.

That’s why our products pass the most rigorous testing, and why we sell over 100,000 ECU tuning products every year and have satisfied customers in 135 countries around the world.

5 reasons to use RaceChip

  • Optimum performance
  • Better fuel economy
  • ECU tuning from the market leader
  • Quality and technology made in Stuttgart, Germany
  • Simple self-installation


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We always strive for maximum quality. Guaranteed.

The RaceChip quality package for you and your car.

  • Stays within power reserves
  • Engine protection active
  • Autobahn tested
  • Made in Germany

You can fully enjoy the RaceChip effect without the slightest reservations. For us, maintaining engine safety and engine protection systems are top priority.

We know how safe and of high quality our products are. You benefit directly from this with our extensive quality package.


We inspect our products from head to toe

All of our products must pass extensive tests

RaceChip ECU tuning products meet all the requirements car manufacturers place on various vehicle components. In order to ensure this, our products go through a series of tests during product development to assure flawless function and quality.

During these tests, we not only closely inspect our products, but also test their performance in the vehicle. To obtain a comprehensive analysis, we test for the perfect functioning of all engine components as well as the effects on the undercarriage and brakes.


Performance enhancement within the available power reserves

We optimize only within the power reserves. We don’t overshoot.

Nowadays, car manufacturers design their engines to achieve a wide range of performances with the same engine block. These are then sold in various car models and specifications. That’s why modern engines in standard factory conditions often have considerable, untapped power reserves.

RaceChip increases your car’s power only within its unused reserves. This completely avoids wear on engine components caused by strains that exceed the manufacturer’s allowable load.


Engine protection programs remain fully functional

RaceChip does not change anything in the manufacturer’s hardware or software

Compared with other forms of electronic performance optimization, RaceChip’s auxiliary control devices have a decisive advantage: the manufacturer’s hardware and software are not changed in the slightest.

So all the manufacturer’s engine protection systems remain completely intact. Your engine is just as safe from overheating as in standard factory condition, and all of the manufacturer’s emergency programs work unimpeded.


RaceChip is designed and produced in Germany

Made in Germany by the leading ECU tuning manufacturer

German cars are considered the best in the world. The leading company for ECU tuning also hails from Germany: Today, RaceChip products are used in more than 135 countries. Over 500,000 satisfied customers enjoy more power, faster acceleration and a sophisticated driving performance thanks to RaceChip.

Our ECU tuning modules are completely developed and manufactured in Germany. RaceChip products are truly “Made in Germany“.


Disclaimer: This product DOES NOT meet the emissions compliance requirements of the California Air Resources Board and Federal Environmental Protection Agency and is NOT legal for sale and use on public streets and highways. This product may only be used for racing vehicles that are used exclusively for competition in legally sanctioned closed-course racing events.

The indicated performance gains and fuel efficiency gains are target values. Deviations upwards and downwards are possible. These may, for example, be caused by standard factory model variations, the quality of the fuel used, the maintenance and aging condition of the vehicle or the driving habits. If the indicated performance or fuel efficiency gains are not met, the purchaser must notify us within thirty (30) days from the day he or she received the product to get a refund.

Download the product warranty form here.

RECOMMENDATION BY RACECHIP (as noted here): Kia Stinger stock spark plugs are designed for good fuel quality. If used with bad or medium fuel quality (91 or lower), in rare cases the spark plugs might get damaged whether the car is tuned or not. For optimal performance and security of the spark plugs, it is beneficial to re-gap the spark plugs to 0.024-0.028 (from stock 0.034-0.036). Beyond that, suitable performance aftermarket spark plugs with a gap of 0.024-0.028 will improve performance and security.

We highly recommend using performance aftermarket spark plugs instead of the Kia Stinger stock spark plugs. 

Quite a few RaceChip customers re-gapped their stock spark plugs to 0.024-0.028 (from stock 0.034-0.036) and report good performance. None of them had any issues so far. So, re-gapping the stock spark plugs might be an alternative to replacing them. However, since we always strive for the safest solution and did not extensively test the re-gapped spark plugs in the US, our official recommendation will be replacing the spark plugs.

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