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The oval STINGER badge is BACK! And it’s better than ever before… This is the best STINGER emblem you can buy! This 3D emblem is VERY heavy duty “Mammoth Tank” strength with a BEVELED edge – the way the first generation should have been… The Kia Stinger doesn’t get any KIA badges in its domestic market – so why should yours? Upgrade your Stinger’s style with an OEM Style Oval “Stinger” Emblem – the way it was intended to be! Same day priority shipping makes our Oval “Stinger” badge a no brainer for anyone who wants what they buy right away…

These emblems are made to be the same size as the Stinger’s rear emblem. Reason being, most people prefer a larger emblem for the front of the vehicle.

If you’re planning on using this emblem at the front of your Stinger GT – you’ll probably want one of the gunmetal versions – as they match the gunmetal chrome on your car better than the chrome version does…

Please note! We just received a new batch of about 10 sets in matte black and matte black with checkered background…



So you’re not too crazy about that cheap looking KIA badge on the front of your Stinger. I don’t blame you! It’s not the most attractive badge. Hey, nothing against Kia! They’ve come a long way in a very short amount of time. I’m quite proud of Kia, to be honest with you! But I’m just not crazy about the plain looking KIA badge.

I bet you feel the same way – which is probably why you’re here! Don’t feel bad about swapping badges. The “Stinger” badge is an OEM design – so it’s not like you’re taking credit away from Kia by switching it. You’re still giving Kia credit where credit is due. Besides, some people see the KIA badge and just turn away – never even giving the car a chance. The “Stinger” badge, on the other hand, makes people curious. And by the time they find out it’s a Kia, they’re already in love – and there’s nothing they can do about it.

This OEM Style Stinger badge/emblem is the oval “Stinger” you’ve been waiting for. It seems most people are changing the badges – so why not you? It’s an inexpensive way to increase the perception of value on a car that’s already quite valuable! The price is right! And you’ll get your badge quickly if you order from me. So go ahead and add this oval “Stinger” badge to your cart! …and I’ll have it right out to you…


Sal Colascione III
The Stinger Store

3 reviews for OEM Style Oval Kia Stinger Badge/Emblem

  1. abates33401 (verified owner)

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I don’t care for the E and I was on the fence about the Vintage K. I made the right choice. This is a metal badge that looks perfect on my panthera Stinger.

  2. Michael Donahue (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the extremly fast shipping! I bought the E badge a few months ago but people kept asking me what it stood for. That got old so I bought this Stinger badge and I think it makes more sense.

  3. Jennifer Doplin (verified owner)

    I prefer this over the ‘E’ because, well, I want the front and rear to match. I have the Stinger badge on the hatchback and now I have a Stinger badge on the hood. Perfect combo.

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