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** The matching HATCH emblem can be found here. **

“TO SERVE AND PROTECT” – Changing the look and attitude of your Stinger takes only seconds – just peel and stick… Anyone can do it! Skip the hassle of removing your original KIA badges and protect them instead with Loden’s convenient cover – developed specifically for the Kia Stinger to ensure a secure, natural appearance.

Includes pre-affixed automotive strength 3M brand adhesive backing for an easy, secure installation without the need of heat guns, emblem removal tools, adhesive removers and lost time. Loden “metal skin” cover-up badges can also be removed without harming the original emblems.

Perfect for lessee’s wanting a customized look which can be easily removed upon trade-in or lease return. These badges are designed to allow the chrome edge of the OEM badge to remain visible for a striking appearance.

Metal Skin Attributes:

  • Installs in seconds with 3M double-sided tape
  • No need to remove the OEM badges
  • Protects OEM badges from the elements
  • High quality formed alloy
  • Aggressive 3D logo
  • Designed specifically for the Kia Stinger
  • Removable without harm to OEM badges
  • Great emblem option for lessee’s and owners

All the benefits of a full replacement badge without the commitment! Give your vehicle an amazing new appearance today! 

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So you’re not too crazy about that cheap looking KIA badge on the front of your Stinger. I don’t blame you! It’s not the most attractive badge. Hey, nothing against Kia! They’ve come a long way in a very short amount of time. I’m quite proud of Kia, to be honest with you! But I’m just not crazy about the plain looking KIA badge.

I bet you feel the same way – which is probably why you’re here! Don’t feel bad about swapping badges. This “Vintage K” badge uses an OEM vintage “K” design used in Europe – so it’s not like you’re taking credit away from Kia by switching it. You’re still giving Kia credit where credit is due. Besides, some people see the KIA badge and just turn away – never even giving the car a chance. The “Vintage K” badge, on the other hand, makes people curious. And by the time they find out it’s a Kia, they’re already in love – and there’s nothing they can do about it.

This Stinger hood emblem is a hot item and you’re going to start seeing it on the front of many Stingers. It seems most people are changing the badge – so why not you? It’s an inexpensive way to increase the perception of value on a car that’s already quite valuable! It’s a very heavy duty, well-made product that you can expect to last as long as any other OEM badge available. The price is right! And you’ll get your badge quickly if you order from me. So go ahead and add this “Vintage K” badge to your cart! …and I’ll have it right out to you…


Sal Colascione III
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3 reviews for OEM Design Vintage K Metal Skin Hood Emblem

  1. felixdeloney (verified owner)

    Great option if you want a quick and easy install without having to take the oem badges off. While I’m here I might as well say that you need to put pressure at the edges when applying these metal skins. If you push too hard in the center you could bend them. So put gentle pressure in the middle and firm pressure at the edges. Hold it there for about 30 or 40 secs and you’ll be good to go.

  2. longball21md (verified owner)

    Review for OEM Design Vintage K Metal Skin Hood Emblem

  3. John Mcfennely (verified owner)

    As one of the fisrt buyers of this new piece I knew I was taking a chance. I only bought the hood piece to see how it went. Installation was very simple and took less than a minute. It looks like a stock emblem and I’ll be buying the hatchback piece later on today.

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