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Do it! You know you wanna go faster…

462 horsepower and 531 pound feet of torque – at the wheels… Yes, that’s what happens when you install a JB4… A few hundred dollars is an amazing deal for such a whopping boost in performance! And it still feels like a stock Stinger when you’re just cruising along… 

Yes, this is the high performance upgrade you’ve been looking for. No sending your ECU to get programmed or getting a backup ECU for when it’s time for service. Just simple plug ‘n play. No fuss. No worries. Just more power. It’s as simple as that. Why pay more for more trouble?

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For more information on how to connect and control your JB4 tuner wirelessly with the REV3 connect kit, click here

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• 2018+ KIA Stinger GT, GT2
• 2018+ KIA Stinger 2.0t
• 2018+ Genesis G80 3.3L V6

This plug and play KIA Stinger tuner attaches to two easy to access sensors in the engine bay and works with your factory ECU tuning to remap your boost, timing, and fueling for optimal performance and reduced turbo lag.

It features a 64mhz processor allowing sensors to be sampled 800 times per second using dedicated 10 bit digital to analog converters, ensuring smooth and powerful performance. It’s able to auto-detect between the 3.3L and 2L turbo engines automatically allowing for a simple plug and play installation with no model specific software changes required.

Unlike other tuning systems the JB4 includes a fully programmable CANbus system, upgradable firmware, and data logging capability. CANbus allows the JB4 to take in to account pedal input, throttle position, gear, engine speed, air/fuel ratio, fuel trims, ignition advance, knock, and many other factors and incorporate those in to the performance mapping. It can also read/delete fault codes, incorporate unique safety features such as keeping boost pressure low until oil and water is up to temperature to provide proper engine and turbo lucubration, and drop to a low boost map if the engine starts to over heat, run lean, excessively knock, or over

The default JB4 map1 runs 4psi over stock peak and tuned maps including stock and valet mode can be selected on the fly using a BMS diagnostics cable or JB4 mobile smart phone adapter.

Installation is very discrete and it quickly removes without a trace when needed. Includes maps for 91 octane, 93 octane, and E85 (ethanol fuel) mixtures. Fuel economy during normal driving is unchanged. Compatible with all driving modes. Made in USA. 5 year warranty.

As is well documented for the Stinger platform, both the 3.3L and 2.0L, is prone to spark blow out at both stock and higher than stock boost levels. At a minimum the factory spark plug gap should be closed to 0.022″. Alternatively replacement spark plugs like Densos can be used that offer a stronger spark and are more reliable than stock. If you have any questions regarding our spark plug suggestions and JB4 map guide, please click here and ask in our support forum.

Wirelessly connect the JB4 to your Bluetooth 4.0 compatible iOS and Android device via the JB4 Mobile connect kit, or to your Windows laptop with the BMS data cable. Both options allow you to record and analyze vehicle and tuning data, change JB4 performance maps, and update JB4 firmware as we release free newer versions with updates, more powerful maps, and new features under development. Separate JB4 Mobile app purchase also required.

Now includes the BMS billet all weather enclosure and fuel control wires preinstalled!

JB4 iOS app | JB4 Android App

JB4 Features and Benefits

• Power gains of up to 100hp and 100tq to the wheels on a stock vehicle
• Quick Plug & Play Installation
• Now includes billet enclosure and fuel control wires preinstalled!
• CANbus integration offering unrivaled tuning features and performance
• Runs as smoothly as stock, this is how your Kia should have come from the factory
• Compatible with all driving modes
• Fuel economy unchanged during normal driving
• Compatible with JB4 Mobile for smartphone logging, tuning changes, and adjustment
• Ethanol (E85) compatible tuning maps
• Able to read/delete fault codes
• Not VIN locked, can be removed without a trace and resold down the road
• Made in the USA
• 5 year warranty
• Works perfectly with the BMS Pedal Tuner for increased responsiveness

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4 reviews for Kia Stinger JB4 with Billet Enclosure and Fuel Wires Included

  1. Benjamin Quinn (verified owner)

    I wasn’t going to post a review yet but I’m too excited not to. I really haven’t started mashing the gas yet but the seat of the pants difference on map 1 is impressive. I’m going to move up the maps slowly so I can get a feel for each stage. But so far so good. Great customer service as I needed some help with a few questions. This has to be the best bang for the buck high performance mod you can do. My Stinger is otherwise stock.

  2. Marilyn Pinuello (verified owner)

    I traded my C7 Vette for the Stinger and missed the performance I gave up until I installed the JB4. Now I get the same rush I used to get but in comfort. Great buy!

  3. Peter Ventura (verified owner)

    Car is wicked quick and install took 5 minutes. I used a JB3 on my BMW 335i so maybe it was easier for me than most but it’s seriously a 10 minute install worst case scenario. I bought the fuel wires, denso plugs and bluetooth as well. For easy upgrades in the future.

  4. Daniel Macaluso (verified owner)

    This is absolutely perfect! If they sold the Stinger this way at a premium I would buy it in a second. Extremely smooth power and drives 100% stock unless you nail it. This is not for the weak hearted. Tremendous difference in power.

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