Bad Warranty work (headlights) not fixed after 2 tries, try a different dealer?


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What my title says - I have the dynamic headlights that are stuck pointing leftward. Have taken it to the dealership where I bought the car twice (Garden Grove Kia). The first go, they tried some things then told me they didn't know what else to do, asked me to call Kia corporate (the VIP line) because they were reportedly not getting a response from the tech line. After getting the customer service rep from the VIP line to clarify that it was a "one replied above the other" type of situation, took the car back for a second try, was told it was resolved after a day and a half of work (though having gotten a courtesy loaner), drove it that night after dark to find it was not. Now I'm wondering if I should try the same dealer for attempt #3 since they presumably know what they did or if I should try a different dealer that might not know anything of what was done (thinking Cerritos Kia, which I think I've seen at least 1 positive comment for?). With much of this covid lockdown, I'm only just coming up to 4k miles after having the car almost 6 months and would likely plan for a first oil change at the same time and maybe also ask for the hatch rattle TSB to be done. Semi-concern for being stuck without a car for however long it takes and maybe the 2nd dealership being less committed to my service if I didn't purchase the car there, even if I do go in for paid service. Any thoughts?


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That's very poor service. The dealer should have called for assistance and not you. They might have had the car for 1.5 days but probably only worked on it for maybe an hour or so so I think I'd be complaining in a big way.


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Go with the original, since no deal breakers have occurred. This has to be resolved and you are logical to point out that they have already tried things. So, unless they are actually thoroughly incompetent and you haven't found out yet, keep on them. And, good luck!:thumbup:


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1) call vip line again
2) explain that you demand entire headlamp replacement at this point. This is a safety issue.
3) demand a loaner. I’ve been approved for a lesser issue (sunroof).


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This is getting dangerously close to lemon law territory. Not sure about California, but for Florida you can make a case for a lemon law case after three failed repairs on the same part of a new car.