Alternative Oval Exhaust Tips for MBRP (w/ Enamel Painting DIY Instructions)


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Hi All,

Without further ado, I present to you an alternative to the Akravopic exhaust tips (deemed necessary by MBRP CBE owners) with a very much reduced lead time.

Here you will find links to all products used, installation instructions & guidelines and a DIY to paint these gloss, matte or satin black. Needless to say, the sound difference is day and night as many of the other owners who fit AEM (aftermarket) exhaust tips onto their MBRP CBE would attest to. It is much more refined and I HIGHLY recommend exhaust tips to compliment the MBRP unit.

Lets get started - Background:

Before we get into the product itself I want to alert many prospective buyers seeking out AEM exhaust tips - it has been ONLY claimed but, I would recommend this also, OVAL exhaust tips seem to refine the exhaust note more vs. ROUND exhaust tips and is more effective in minimizing drone if any should exist in the cabin. There is currently NO drone when driving - amazing compared to driving with OEM tips for 3 weeks before acquiring these. Lastly, at that token, this SHOULD not require the need to trim your diffuser to clear these tips! Reason I say SHOULD is because I have a carbon fiber rear diffuser.

Exhaust Tips:

4"x3.15" Oval Out 2.5" Inlet Exhaust Tip Stainless Steel Rolled Outlet Slant Cut

(Converted in mm = 101.6mm x 80mm x 63.5mm Inlet [For reference to the Akrapovic oval tips dimensions])
You can buy these HERE
Exhaust Tips.jpg Exhaust Tips - view2.jpg IMG_0779.JPG IMG_0781.JPG

Exhaust Tips - Notes:
  • Build quality = A+
  • True dual wall design with welded in resonator section
  • Marketed as WELD-ON but can be clamped on with no alteration required.

Delivered Date.JPG Ship Date.JPG TOTAL = $79.90 + TAX
(2 tips ordered - no additional shipping cost for 3 day delivery. Shipped from Indiana)

(Contact the seller - they will then ship from China with guarantee in-stock delivery)
Delivered Date.JPG Ship Date.JPG TOTAL = $79.90 + $16.50 (EXPEDITED SHIPPING) + TAX
TOTAL COST = $185.XX [Cost may vary depending on local sales tax]


Conversation with Ebay Dealer regarding 2 TIPS FROM CHINA:

Ebay Message.JPG


Exhaust Tips Clamps:
(To Be Purchased Separately!)

Walker 35337 Hardware Clamp
(2.5" Inlet diameter compatible)
You can buy these HERE

ET Clamps.jpg


  • Heavy Duty - come lubricated.
  • Easy to Install/Fasten - both ON & OFF.
  • Will eat paint if you opt to paint your exhaust tips.
  • 17mm socket for NUT
  • Available on Amazon PRIME
  • At the time I was able to buy these for $2.00 each. Currently @ $5.14 each :eek:
  • Cheapest & strongest option - you will need (4) of these!



You will need ramps to reverse onto or jacks in the rear to comfortably access the OEM tips. E-brake and make sure your car is mounted properly. If you're installing the exhaust at the same time you're all setup to install these bad boys.

  • Stubby Philips Screwdriver
  • Medium Length Philips Screwdriver
  • Safety glasses/eyewear/sleep blindfold lol - Prevents crud & debri from getting in your eye when removing OEM tips.
  • WD40 - Option: May be required to remove mufflers from hangers to clear OEM tip removal
  • 17mm Socket - For Ratchet: May not clear exhaust clamp position.
  • 17mm Combination Wrench - For tightening exhaust clamps depending on orientation


  1. Once car is properly mounted (see setup), you will need the stubby philips screwdriver to remove the outer most accessible philips screw located on the top Z-style mounting bracket holding the OEM tips to the rear diffuser. Do this for the left and right outer most screws.


2. Now grab your MEDIUM length screw driver and reach for the inner most philips screw on both left and right. This can be tricky if your muffler is on as you can't visually see it and can't verify if you're connected with the​
screw driver. Feel it out and eventually you'll land to remove the OEM tips.​
3. Once the OEM tips are removed, loosen the MUFFLER exhaust clamps - this step is to help align the MBRP muffler outlets with the tips relative to the rear diffuser. There will be some play to adjust the position of the​
exhaust tips to your liking.​
4. Insert the exhaust tips from the outside to join the muffler outlet and adjust until the exhaust tip is centered with itself (i.e. not angled about its center line) and centered with the diffuser cutout. You may need to adjust​
the muffler a bit to enable the proper fit of the exhaust tips - hence the reason for undoing the muffler clamps. Try rotating the mufflers and bringing them further in and out from the back inlet.​
5. Once the exhaust tips are positioned correctly, re-do the muffler clamps with a 17mm socket.​
6. Introduce the newly purchased exhaust clamps - orient the clamp to your liking and with a wrench or ratchet screw in the nuts. It's OK to squeeze them tight.​
IMG_0915.JPG IMG_0919.JPG


You will need to have a "paint area" and room to be able to completely rotate your body around the exhaust tips for painting. The exhaust tips can be fully painted when mounted on a flat surface as you will see in the images below. However, feel free to prompt them up on a fixture or laundry hanger for complete 360 accessibility. Wear a mask while painting as well!

Enamel HT Paint:


You can buy these

VHT-EnamelA.jpg VHT-EnamelB.jpg VHT-EnamelC.jpg

Enamel HT Primer - Recommended:

You can buy these


Enamel HT Clear-Coat - Optional:

You can buy these

VHT-Gloss Clear.jpg

The "Aww Shieet I Messed Up Fixer Upper" - Recommended:

You can buy these


  • Face Mask - preferrably a respirator or N95/K95 mask as the fumes are TOXIC. Safety first y'all.
  • 180-320 grit sand paper. You will only need 2 pairings - so one level more course than the next. (i.e. 180, 220 or 240, 320 etc)
    • Have a good amount available, I did not reuse sandpaper going from tip to tip.
  • (2) CANS BLACK
  • (1) CAN PRIMER
  • (1-2) CAN CLEAR
  • (1) CAN "ASIMUFU" (3M Adhesive Remover) or ANY LACQUER THINNER. I just happened to have this handy working on some other project.
  • Applicator pad or sponge - This is to pair with the 3M adhesive remover


  1. Wash the new exhaust tips with isopropyl solution. Dilute 2 cups of ISP w/ 6 cups water. I used a bit of baby shampoo as I had that solution handy for adjusting the kia stinger trunk applique a year ago.
  2. Make sure tips are dry and ready to be sanded.
  3. Start with the more course sandpaper in the pairing. Sand the outside and inside of the exhaust tip.
  4. Repeat Step #3 but with the next level (Finer) sandpaper in the pairing you selected.
  5. Rinse the exhaust tips with the solution you made in Step #1
  6. Repeat this step for all (4) exhaust tips.
  7. Wear you handy dandy mask/respirator and mount the exhaust tips on your fixture, table or whatever you so choose. Complete rotation around the exhaust tip is a must when choosing a space to mount.
  8. Violently shake the primer can for 30s-1minute. Spray one or two mists to ensure spray is proper.
  9. In a SWEEPING motion (i.e. start in the air and bring your hand down towards the exhaust tips) begin painting the exhaust tips with primer. A LIGHT coat is recommended but at this step it shouldn't matter.
    1. Remember, keep steady and don't linger in one area for too long!
  10. Once all 4 exhaust tips have had their first coat applied, wait 10 minutes. Should be a 3-4 minute wait until the very first one is due for the second coat.
  11. For the second coat, repeat step #9 whether you applied a LIGHT coat or MEDIUM coat. If you've applied a HEAVY coat, I would just do 2 coats of primer per tip.
  12. In a SWEEPING motion (i.e. start in the air and bring you hand down towards the exhaust tips) begin painting the exhaust tips with black enamel. A LIGHT coat IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED - practice using the paint can on cardboard if you're uncertain of how you can change the degree of coating using the push nozzle. You should have figured it out when applying primer 8 times.
  13. Once all 4 exhaust tips have had their first coat of black enamel applied, wait 10 minutes. Should be 3-4 minute wait until the very first one is due for the second coat.
  14. Repeat Steps #12 & #13 with a LIGHT coat
  15. Repeat Steps #13 & #14 with a MEDIUM-HEAVY coat
[Should any paint drip, pool or blotch, spray some 3M remover onto the applicator pad, squeeze if soaked and gently tap/touch the painted surface that you wish to redo]

16. If the defective painted area is in between coats - use the next coat to paint over it. Careful not to "make up for removed paint" by lingering in that area for too long.
1. If the defective area is found in the last coat of paint - apply another MEDIUM coat of paint.
17. Once the exhaust tips have dried for 30 minutes from the paint. You may use the optional clear coat for a better shine/gloss finish - apply 1 to 2 coats.

IMG_0922.JPG IMG_0926.JPG



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This is probably the most detailed how-to I’ve ever seen. Props for taking the time to do such a thorough write-up. The tips came out great. I bought some of the carbon tips for mine, but really wished that there was a good chrome option out there for a more OEM look. Might have to look into these. Yours look so good in black, though...